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CES 2017: Five things to watch at the biggest tech show of the year

by:Tuowei     2019-09-09
This summer, Pokémon Go became the first augmented reality app to attract consumers.
At the same time, Samsung, HTC and Google actively launched a sister Technology-virtual reality headset-when they launched the new smartphone.
So it\'s no wonder that VR/augmented reality will be the rabbit that everyone is chasing at the CES 2017 trade show, which is about to open on January 5.
There is one or two of these technologies every year-like 3D printers and drones-and the hype is getting a bit of a bubble.
Scott Peterson, senior analyst at Gap Intelligence, a market research firm in San Diego, said: \"My overall analysis of virtual reality is that use cases still feel a bit forced,\" referring to Samsung\'s TV advertising, shows a group of people using Gear headphones.
\"It\'s great for the game.
But it\'s not very social.
This is not an experience when you want to interact with people.
Gary Shapiro said: \"Whether forced or not, the VR/augmented reality product category is only behind wearable devices, with the largest increase in the number of exhibitors at CES compared to the previous year, the head of the Consumer Technology Association, which will make its debut at the exhibition.
\"In terms of the consumer sector, this is obviously an emerging market, but there is a huge interest in it,\" Shapiro said . \".
\"Both in the business and consumer sectors, content is increasing dramatically.
This is an unknown story.
\"CES may need a rabbit or two every year to keep the show fresh.
Although they left their mark, they did not dominate the event.
There\'s a lot to see.
CES has attracted more than 3,800 exhibitors under the age of 2.
5 million square feet.
More than 175,000 product buyers, industry analysts and journalists attended.
It is not open to the public.
It seems that there are gadgets in everything.
The reflective interactive technology, founded by Penn College students, will show a prototype machine that can detect concussion.
Eye for righteous eyes-
Tracking techniques to identify autistic traits in young children and reading disabilities in students.
Carnival Cruises sees itself as operating a floating city, launching smart city technology that is about to launch a cruise ship.
FeetMe has developed an Internet insole and running analytics application.
FridgeCam connects the camera to any refrigerator so that the user can see what is running at low power and there is a companion app that keeps track of how long the food has been placed in the refrigerator.
ResMed in San Diego, which makes devices to prevent sleep apnoea, has partnered with TV talk show surgeon Mehmet Oz to carry out what the company calls the most accurate large sleep study ever.
The results will be announced at the exhibition.
\"It\'s an accident,\" said Shapiro of the Consumer Technology Association . \".
\"When you have nearly 4,000 companies, you will find something you have never seen before.
\"There are also some trends to follow on CES 2017: TVsDisplay manufacturers have been focusing on image quality in recent years. Ultra-
At present, high definition 4 k TV has become popular.
At first, 4 k content was not much, but now 4 k programs can be obtained through streaming services such as Netflix and ultra-HD CDs.
The price of the 4 k TV continues to fall.
\"I saw a lot on Black Friday this year-there are 55 top brand 4 k TVs for $500 (RM2,243)to US$600 (RM2,692)
Paul Gagnon, analyst at IHS Markit, said.
\"This time last year, they were about $900 (RM4,039).
\"The 4 k resolution adds more pixels to the screen, and TV manufacturers have turned their attention to the other two pillars of image quality-contrast and color range,\" said Gagnon.
Production of brighter light sections and deeper dark sections on the screen is known as high dynamic ranges, and several TV makers are promoting this, Gagnon said.
In addition, providing a more vivid, saturated color using a variety of technologies will make the image more realistic-today, some TVs have a color range of almost 90% of the cinema.
But almost all the ways TV manufacturers create better contrast and bright colors are not standardized.
This brings confusion to consumers, says Gagnon.
He is watching whether television producers are starting to take steps to eliminate the confusion.
\"Consumers should not try to match their DVD players, streaming services, and TVs to make sure they have all the puzzles to watch Dolby Vision movies, he said.
The two companies will display smartwatches, fitness trackers and other wearable technologies at CES in 2017, a three-digit increase from the previous year.
Jackson Somes, market analyst at Gap Intelligence, said the market is expanding, pointing to the medical use of wearable technology on the one hand and to consumers on the other.
As Apple and other big companies enter the market, there is some impact on the consumer side of the business.
Pebble, an early pioneer, sold its assets to Fitbit, while Jawbone made headlines over reported financial woes.
\"Two main beginnings --
Help find the ups that the wearable industry has pulled out of the game, \"said Somes.
\"The market for wearable devices is currently in a period of adjustment.
\"But he expects that when Google updates its Android Wear software in early 2017, smartwatches will bounce back, especially in the smartwatches.
Google says the Android Wear update will release the smartwatch from its smartphone.
\"It can connect to the cellular network by itself, connect to WiFi by itself, and download apps independently of smartphones,\" said Somes . \".
\"Once a new update is released, you will see a huge influx of new products running this OS.
The car technicians showed themselves.
Driving car technology at CES a year ago is expected to have more this year.
Automakers attending the conference include BMW, Honda, Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Chrysler and Volkswagen.
Jim McGregor, head of Tirias Research, said: \"The most important thing about CES is to become a car technology show . \".
\"I have received invitations from these people to show what they have done on self-driving cars.
I hope to see a lot of things. \" Besides self-
Shapiro of CTA says driving cars, high-speed Internet links, active window displays, improved navigation and additional safety/driver assistance are the technologies that automakers will showcase at the show
In the transition from analog to digital, better sound audio is somehow lost.
But now that the sound quality is back in the spotlight, from HD music players to premium headsets, noise is expected from the show this year.
San Diego\'s Ossic has created a 3D audio headset that delivers sound in a directional way.
Ossic X combines 3D audio algorithm with head-
Tracking and individual anatomical calibration to provide spatial intelligence for sound.
So if the user is watching a movie and the helicopter flies into a scene from behind and above, the headset will let the helicopter blade drum sound come from behind and above the user.
\"What really comes out of the audio is that everyone realizes that if you want to create an immersive experience, it\'s not entirely visual,\" says McGregor of Tirias Research . \".
\"You must also have audio.
It has been around for so long, but we now see so much innovation around audio.
\"Smart home technology has a large market share at CES, with a total of 170 exhibitors covering an area of 84,000 square feet.
Blake Kozak, chief analyst at IHS Markit, said that while the technology is making progress, it is not a mainstream technology.
This does not come until consumers see smart home technology as an investment that saves energy, may reduce premiums and add value to their families, rather than novelty or hobby.
However, Kozak believes that consumers will pay more attention to smart home technology in 2017.
Personal voice assistants such as Google Home, Amazon Echo and Mykie from Bosch are considered smart Home devices, and their popularity may open a door for consumers to consider other smart Home devices. —
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