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Chang 'an prototype factory-Trusted suppliers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-16
2019-06- 14 15: 53

Mr. Li is a mechanic of a robot Research Institute in Shenzhen, and is not the first cooperation. Before that, they could choose Chang 'an prototype factory, now it is unified by purchasing and sending out inquiries to find suppliers. Because it is a robot pipeline section done by the extension model before, now their structural engineers strongly demand to find trustworthy suppliers who have cooperated with them, the risk of finding new partners is particularly great for them: the risk of delivery, no cooperation, no guarantee that the delivery date can be delivered on time: Quality Risk, cooperation with Tuowei several times, relatively satisfied, if the supplier is temporarily replaced, the effect is not ideal, and the problem of deviation in size will be very serious, resulting in their progress not being able to move forward, but also in the loss of the initiative of the project by the customer, so we chose the extension model.

Li Gong personally came to the door to measure after processing, due to uneven or unstable calipers, there is a deviation, because it is necessary to cooperate, and the size has an impact on customers. Let Mr. Li come to the 3-dimensional inspection room of Chang 'an prototype factory, each data at each point is tested in 3 dimensions. The result proves that there is no deviation. Li Gong is particularly relieved. He is still looking for reliable ones. Tuowei has advanced testing instruments and can produce testing reports, this is the advantage that other prototypes do not have.

so many customers are looking for Chang 'an prototype factory, we will choose trustworthy manufacturers, mainly to save effort and effort. If you also want to find a trustworthy Changan prototype factory, you may wish to contact the online customer service on the right side of the page or call 18118780783.

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