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Changsha prototype factory-5-axis machining American CTO guidance

by:Tuowei     2019-09-12
2019-03- 30 10: 05

if a product needs to be quickly integrated into the market, it must be proofing first. After confirming the results, the mold can be opened and mass production can be integrated into the market. So to avoid the loss, the prototype is the only way for the product supplier. Just like the first two months, a Mr. Xu searched the Internet. 'Changsha prototype factory' I found the extension model and learned after chatting with customer service.

because the prototype factory he was looking for before was a trader, the prototype was not so reliable and the price was high, so he wanted to find a Changsha prototype factory again. I found a small factory with a relatively low price. I wanted to save some money for the company. As a result, the prototype made by the small factory was not good for traders, and I always urged them. Then the accuracy is not enough, can not be used. In desperation, I had to search online to find a manufacturer with excellent technology. Finally, I saw the first page of the extension model on the Internet. See many success stories about tuowei model company. I also know the general introduction of the extension model. Has cooperated with more than 3000 enterprises, technology has long been needless to say. After contacting customer service Xiao Zhu, I left a contact information.

Mr. Xu came to Tuwei model company the next day, li Gong, salesman of Changsha prototype factory, warmly entertained the customer. After a short introduction and understanding, he went to the workshop to visit. Mr. Xu was surprised to find the five-axis machine. After all, in China, there are very few companies with several five-axis machines at the same time. Then he saw an American coaching staff and asked Li Gong what position he was in. Li Gong said that he was CTO, the US technical director of tuowei, and invited him to come over. Then he took him to the test room. After reading it, Mr. Xu made a bill and paid the full amount. The premise is to ship within five days, because time is wasted too much, very urgent. In view of this situation, the staff work two shifts 24 hours a day. The prototype was completed in four days. Customers are also willing to cooperate with the extension model for a long time.

So, look for Changsha prototype factory, then try the extension model and surprise you with the general effect! Will not let you down!

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