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Changsha prototype factory-Look at this one

by:Tuowei     2019-09-16
2019-08- 21 17: 25

with the development trend of new technology, there are many prototype factories in the sales market today, but because of the different regions, in some areas, the development trend of the prototype model manufacturing industry is not very good. For example, Mr. Ye recently looked for the Changsha prototype model factory and found it for a long time.

after Mr. Ye found the extension model according to the Internet, he learned in the communication that Mr. Ye has been confused by the accuracy of the prototype, because the several Changsha prototype model factories found are all built in recent years, they are not very sufficient at the level of processing equipment and work experience, and the prototype models produced and processed cannot meet the accuracy requirements.

after knowing Mr. Ye's requirements, the processing equipment of the production workshop of the extension model of Mr. Ye Changsha prototype model factory is a high-precision CNC machining equipment and a five-axis machine, more than 60 prototype Masters, with an average working experience of about 8 years, the accuracy of the prototype model has reached ±0. 05mm, even higher. At first, Mr. Ye did not believe it so much. Therefore, the Tuowei model sent Mr. Ye some videos of production and processing and related success cases. Mr. Ye believed in Tuowei, cooperative relationship was reached and a deposit was paid in advance.

few days later, Mr. Ye received the prototype model test of extension dimension and said that the accuracy reached his own needs, which was very good. If you haven't found a suitable Changsha prototype factory yet, you can come and learn about it.

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