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Changsha prototype model factory-Good injection effect

by:Tuowei     2019-09-12
2019-08- 07 15: 48

The Development of Changsha is very fast! The pace of life is also very fast! The living standards of natural residents are also rising! Those who do products are also developing new products from time to time! Therefore, the procurement in enterprises often needs to find Changsha prototype model manufacturers!

There was a miss Mao found by web search two months ago the website of the extension model! After consulting customer service, I left a contact information! Take over by the salesman Li Gong! After adding the customer's contact information, I learned some basic information! This lady is a car industry. She wants to find a Changsha prototype model manufacturer who is very good at fuel injection! I have seen the color cards of several prototype factories before, and I have adjusted the colors several times, but I can't achieve the effect that Miss Mao needs!

after listening to Miss Mao's situation, li Gong, the salesman of Changsha prototype model manufacturer, sent a photo of the color card of the extension model and a photo of the fuel injection made before! After that, Miss Mao said that she was very interested in Tuowei's model and wanted to visit it! After that, Miss Mao arrived at the Tuowei model the next day! After pasting VIP stickers for customers, I took miss Mao to visit the workshop! In particular, I mainly watched the fuel spray room of tuowei! Seeing the master's very serious work, the prototype surface is also sprayed very evenly! The color is also very good! After reading miss Mao, she made a list! If you also need anything or want to consult, please contact the online customer service on the right side!

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