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Changsha prototype production-Provide professional technical advice

by:Tuowei     2019-09-12
2019-04- 18 08: 01

Hello, tuowei model Technology Co. , Ltd. Positioned to serve the vast number of customers around the world is a formal company with 17 years of experience. In recent days, a customer in Changsha's prototype production needs to visit the company to learn about the relevant equipment and professional level. I hope the project manager can provide some professional technical advice.

The project manager of the extension model profession certainly did not let the customer down, through the way of making PPT, the processing process is described step by step. He also gave the Changsha prototype customer a history of the development of the extension model. Customers are admiring suppliers who have worked so hard to sign a cooperation agreement.

at the same time, it is also very strict with secrecy, many small factories will also send out customers' drawings and colleagues to make them. The one-stop service of the extension model avoids this problem and will take the initiative to sign a non-disclosure agreement with customers. This is the protection of your products and the mutual understanding that should be in the cooperation relationship. After the completion of the production, the Changsha prototype production customer, said that he was very satisfied.

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