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Changsha prototype proofing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-12
2019-03- 05 08: 02

Miss Wang in Changsha searched the internet some time ago'Changsha prototype proofing' After finding the extension model, Huang Gong, the relevant project manager, received him and learned in the communication that Miss Wang had found a prototype factory in the local area to do the prototype, because the price was lower, therefore, in the process of processing, it is inevitable to cut corners, resulting in the accuracy of the prototype is not so high!

wait until Miss Wang finds them to redo, after-sales of this prototype factory is also perfunctory, so I want to find a Changsha prototype proofing factory again. So she only searched online, and the results of the extension model were ranked first. At first, she didn't want to find such a far prototype factory. Huang Gong told her that the prototype factory on Shenzhen started earlier, mature technology. This is through the strength of several prototype factories, the accuracy and quantity of processing equipment and the experience and quantity of prototype technicians, as well as the secrecy and price of manufacturers, after comparing the quality and delivery period, it was decided to do it for the extension model.

The extension model also does not let Miss Wang down, in 3 days, the prototype was completed and sent to Miss Wang by Shunfeng Express. After testing, the accuracy reached 0. 05mm. Miss Wang is very happy and said that if she wants to make a prototype in the future, she will not choose the local Changsha prototype proofing factory, but will choose to cooperate with Shenzhen tuowei model. After all, the prototype is used for trial and error, careless.

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