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childhood treasures inspire custom-made jewelry

by:Tuowei     2019-08-14
Remember \"rubber duck?
\"We sang when we were kids, right?
Asked Alison mcglary, a custom Craftsman.
She made this necklace to pay tribute to the cute, yellow, chubby guy, \"rubber duck, you are that\" with glass duck, Austrian crystal, Czech beads, and gold metal buckle.
Are there toys, songs, TV shows, movies and even video games you like from an early age?
If you are young inside (
Or you\'re still playing with toys)
, Custom craftsmen can take away the items of your young dedication (
Or someone you love)
And make it a unique, personal custom jewelry.
What else is more fun than a bucket of monkeys and cleaner stuff?
Works of art by Jessica Lando, classic Monkey Barrel Games, and these Monkey Barrel earrings, feature stained glass lampshade simians and sterling silver ear strings.
\"Who remembers what it was like to rush home after school and sit in front of the TV and play The Legend of Zelda for hours, because it was your favorite game of Nintendo64 that was popular at the time?
\"Trax NYC designed this Zelda pendant\" to satisfy the inner child (and gamer)in us.
\"This Custom pendant is made of 10 k black rhodium gold with a green diamond coat and yellow, rose and blue gold.
Obsessed with new video games?
Is the angry bird not enough?
Louis Spahni from Rakglass Glass studio can make pendants, earrings, necklaces or small Glass miniatures for these deadly enemies to \"entertain\" and more.
\"Visit the custom\" Get it Made \"project board and post any quirky, fun ideas you have about custom jewelry.
How a project started.
For her daughter\'s 16 th birthday, a mother posted this custom jewelry request on the project board: the image is The Legend of Zelda\'s boss key, we hope to make sweet 16-year-old for our \"game\" daughter.
Her birthday is March 9.
More than 1 month but less than 3 months)
So we need to receive it by then.
The stone in the center can be synthetic, but prefer half
Precious as pomegranatekey 14k.
She chose the design of Paul Michael to make the gift.
He shared the creative story with his clients and completed step-by-
Photo of the steps of the process.
Create a 3D CAD image based on the customer\'s picture. . .
Prepare 3D stereo printing documents (STL)
Tools and paths (
There are more than 235,650G linesCode)
Carve this piece with wax. .
To the wax model. . .
Finally, finished necklace!
For a real boss gift, this is to mark one of the biggest levels in life for your little player, or a way to relive childhood memories (
Or your recent high scores and grades)
You can also bring your fantasy custom jewelry design to life.
Start with the custom \"make it a\" project board.
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