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china economy weighs on consumer tech spending

by:Tuowei     2019-09-08
Las Vegas: Researchers from the Consumer Technology Association said that the slowdown in China\'s economy and the strengthening of the dollar have had an impact on the spending of individual technology products.
CTA predicts $ 950bil (RM4. 11tril)
Global spending on consumer electronics this year will fall 2% from $ 969bil (RM4. 19tril)
Used last year, and the actual number of shipments has not changed much.
\"As we wait for new innovations to reach consumers, we see fairly flat demand,\" said Steve Koenig, senior director of market research at CTA, as the premier consumer electronics show is ready to take place in Las Vegas.
Koenig warned that the dollar\'s strength, the price of major products such as smartphones and tablets fell, \"challenging\" technology spending comparisons.
\"We really see that the global economy is starting to get back on track as we solve a series of problems,\" Koenig said . \".
\"I think the biggest problem we are starting to face is the normalization of China\'s economic slowdown.
It is expected that the technology giant smartphones and tablets will account for 46% of the money spent on consumer electronics this year, but new categories such as \"wearable devices\", according to Koenig, drones and virtual reality devices should let the market feel their presence.
When smartphones and tablets include mobile computers such as laptops, sales are expected to reach 58% this year, or about $ 551bil (RM2. 38tril).
\"More than half a trillion dollars,\" Koenig said of the forecast . \".
\"What I\'m giving you is the big three in technology: laptops, smartphones and tablets.
\"He wondered loudly about the possibility of a tablet being squeezed out on a large scale --
Portable computers such as screen smartphones and Lenovo Yoga are designed with screens that can be removed and used as touch
Control pills.
Smartphone shipments are forecast to decline this year, up about 8% to 1.
4 billion equipment.
The adoption of smartphones is driven by a gradual decline in prices, which is particularly important in markets such as China, Africa and the Middle East, where prices remain high
For many people, the terminal mobile phone is out of reach.
At the same time, the rise of \"wear and tear\", the overall category of wearable computers, including smart watches, should continue to \"rise rapidly\", and the CES exhibition will officially open on January 6, wearable computing devices will be \"not missing,\" according to Koenig.
Emerging markets are believed to remain at the heart of growth in consumer electronics markets, and after a long period of rapid expansion, India has become a driving force as China moves towards lower and stable growth.
\"Even a slight slowdown in China\'s economy will have a huge impact --
Koenig says it has a chilling effect on other regions, especially those where exports are important.
\"Most companies will begin to increasingly see India as a new place for double growth.
The numbers grew year on year.
The LCD TV is still the king of the screen, and the size is on the rise.
One of every 5 TVs sold this year is expected to be 50 inch, diagonally measured, or even more, and has ultra-high performance
Definition of 4 k resolution.
TV is likely to be a star at CES again, but new talent such as drones, robots, 3D printers and virtual reality are expected to attract attention and motivation from smart cars and families.
\"There is no doubt that innovation is reshaping the global technology industry,\" Koenig said . \". —
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