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Chongqing prototype-Choose this one with high cost performance

by:Tuowei     2019-09-12
2019-05- 28 17: 31

I believe that customers can understand that the quality of a prototype model determines the value. Prototypes that do not meet customer needs will be eliminated. For example, there is a customer who looks for Chongqing prototype model customization. I found a small factory to cooperate because the price was cheap and chose to cooperate. As a result, it is conceivable that the quality is poor and the 3D drawings are seriously inconsistent.

The supplier is also not responsible, just because the customer has not requested in detail. This situation also has a certain reason for the customer of Chongqing's prototype production needs. If he is not greedy for small and cheap, he will not find such a small factory without responsibility. It will not waste the cost to find a new supplier again.

so the extension model wants to solve the problem that bothers customers at one time, negotiate and inform in advance that the production cost will be relatively high. However, compared with a Chongqing prototype factory, the quality will be much higher than the cost performance. You don't need to worry about rework problems. The accuracy of the new equipment used is as high as ±0. 01mm.

Nowadays, the adoption of lightweight polycarbonate lenses in rapid prototyping services china industry is quite common.
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