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Chongqing prototype proofing factory-Follow up customers continuously

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2019-03- 07 08: 10

Mr. Tian, the representative of Chongqing Yafa Trading Co. , Ltd. , searched through the Internet'Chongqing prototype proofing'Contact the customer service of the extension model. Then the colleague of the network department gave Mr. Tian's phone number to Miss Mo and asked Miss Mo to contact Mr. Tian. Later, Miss Mo added WeChat and they had already started talking about the project initially. Miss Mo was very impressed. As soon as he opened his mouth, he asked how many CNC machines the Tuowei model has. Miss Mo said that there are 55 CNC machines in the Tuowei model so far, from this sentence, I can see that the project processing method he did this time is designated as CNC machining.

he told Miss Mo on WeChat that he would do 0. 1 million products, the specified material is acrylic, and the silk screen text is also required. Miss Mo was surprised when she began to see it, and then asked the project manager to look at it. The project manager said that the production demand is so large that the mold should be opened. If CNC is done, the output will be 2000 pieces per day. During the initial negotiation, the customer did not provide drawings to Miss Mo. He said that the drawings could not be leaked to Chongqing prototype proofing factory.

About a week has passed, the customer suddenly sent a message to Miss Mo saying that she would come to visit Chongqing prototype proofing factory in two days. After learning the news, on the same day, Miss Mo told her colleagues Alex and her boss Brad that they wanted them to help her receive customers because they were really great whether they were technical or negotiating. On the day of the customer's arrival, Miss Mo learned that he is a Korean and has only been working in China. There is also a Korean with him.

he told the extension model when he showed the sample, now they are working with Samsung Group in South Korea. Now they need to make several screens with 3 sizes. The screen requires a high accuracy, a thickness of 5mm, and a anti-scratch and UV. Miss Mo asked the purchasing department that the Chongqing prototype proofing factory had not bought the acrylic materials that were combined with these two requirements in the past. The delivery date proposed by the customer is also very fast and must be delivered within 7 days. Miss Mo's proposal is to let the customer send these materials directly from Korea to the Tuowei model for processing. Miss Mo asked the project manager to calculate the processing fee and told the customer that she would continue to follow up with the big customer.

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