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Choose a quality prototype factory, don't just stare at the price

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2018-01- 09 17: 33

two months ago, a customer from Chengdu found our extension model and wanted to customize 10 sets of plastic prototypes. But at the same time, he also questioned the strength of our company. The customer service carefully consulted and learned that the original customer had already cooperated with other prototype manufacturers before finding the extension model, small sample was also made, but why did he still look for us?

It turned out that this customer chose that prototype factory because of their the price is lower, in the early stage of communication, the other party also patted the chest and said that it must make a prototype of customer satisfaction. When the prototype was received, it showed a big problem. The prototype was done like shit, not rough here, it is there that the color deviation is very large, and even there will be problems such as poor plating. Such a prototype can't be seen at all, let alone used to display it at the exhibition, and can't get the order, it will also greatly reduce the image of the company. Later, the customer cooperated with the tuowei prototype manufacturer, and first set up 10 prototypes to try to see how the quality is. Later, after receiving the goods, I was very satisfied with the quality of the prototype, saying that there were 50 sets of orders for the second time.

so don't just stare at the price when customers choose a prototype manufacturer, this will not only waste money and time, but also affect your passion and will not achieve the results you want. When choosing a prototype factory, we should examine the scale, strength and experience of the prototype manufacturer. The extension prototype manufacturer is the manufacturer you deserve to choose. 16 years of prototype production experience, the quality of the prototype is made.

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