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Choose Shenzhen professional prototype factory to customize the prototype more assured

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
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now, with the increasingly fierce market competition, many product manufacturers are difficult to rely on a product to occupy the consumer market for a long time, therefore, it is necessary to continuously develop products with more functions in order to be invincible in the competition. When you go to the market, you will find that there are many prototype manufacturers, and the prototype is a non-standard part customized model, and everything you do may be different every time, this is very strict with the manufacturer, so you need to choose a professional prototype manufacturer. In the face of the current prototype company with mixed fish and dragons, how do you choose to be more assured when customizing?

professional prototype factory can be guaranteed

Many friends are always complaining that the prototype quality made by the prototype factory they are looking for is not very ideal, in fact, a big reason is because no professional prototype factory was found. It is necessary to know that the prototype industry is an industry with a low threshold. The investment cost required by the factory is not high, and one equipment is tens of thousands of yuan, and only two or three prototype factories can be seen everywhere, there is basically no experience in such a prototype factory. It is suggested that you can query the extension model on the network. The scale is large and the established period is relatively long. The quality of the prototype is guaranteed.

Shenzhen tuowei model is a professional prototype factory, as early as 2002, I started to customize the prototype model. At that time, the prototype was just introduced to the mainland from Hong Kong. After 16 years of precipitation, I accumulated rich experience. Later, with the continuous growth of the company, Tuwei model introduced CNC machining centers imported from abroad, and hired CTO as the technical director of the United States to dominate the company's fuel injection business. This is the prototype of the Earth-to-earth robot made by the extension model, which is done in the form of vacuum complex mold. First of all, it does not say how accurate it is. This kind of surface treatment alone, there are not many prototypes that can reach such a factory.

select a customized prototype for a professional Shenzhen prototype factory, not only is the accuracy guaranteed, but the appearance of the prototype is also quite good. If you need to find such a manufacturer, you might as well look at the extension model.

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