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Choose what kind of prototype processing factory to cooperate

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2019-08- 10: 06

each new product will use a prototype model to verify rationality before it goes public. Many customers want to choose to use a high-precision prototype, because of the high-precision quality, there will be no deviation during verification, and when selecting prototype processing manufacturers, they will usually select manufacturers with large scale and professional technology to cooperate, because cooperation with such manufacturers does not have to worry about the quality of the prototype, and after-sales service will also be guaranteed.

month ago, Mr. Sun of Dongguan found the extension model, mr. Sun is a LCD TV display, so the requirements for the accuracy and appearance of the prototype model are more stringent. Mr. Sun has also contacted several prototype processing manufacturers before, however, they all meet their own requirements for accuracy, so they only contact the extension model through the introduction of friends.

extension is an 18-year prototype processing manufacturer, the production workshop is a high-precision processing equipment and multiple five-axis machines, which can make the accuracy of the prototype reach ±0. 02mm, after reviewing the map, the project manager of tuowei clearly said that he could meet the requirements, and promised Mr. sun: if the accuracy of the later stage does not meet the requirements of the drawings, rework it free of charge until he is satisfied. Mr. Sun believed in Taowei and customized this batch of prototype models in Tuowei. Taowei will naturally live up to Mr. Sun's trust. This batch of prototypes all meet the requirements of the drawings.

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