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Christie was right to veto the gun bill: Opinion

by:Tuowei     2019-08-09
chris-christie-veto-gun-bill. JPGGov.
Chris Christie, who vetoed a bill to narrow the size of gun magazines, said, \"it\'s just a reflection of nominal reform. \"(
William Perlman/StarLedger)By John R. Lott Jr.
Gun control advocates cannot let the government go.
Chris Christie has vetoed a bill to limit gun magazines to 10 rounds.
Christie warned that the bill would not save lives, which may not be politically popular but scientifically accurate.
It is clear that politicians should not question whether gun control is effective, especially if it is not so straight forward.
But Christie\'s won\'t support the new law just to \"do something.
In his veto, Christie pointed out: \"This is only a manifestation of nominal reform . \".
\"It\'s against common sense to think that imposing a new, completely arbitrary number of bullets that can legally be loaded into guns will somehow eliminate or even reduce future mass violence.
Christie\'s reasoning drove many critics crazy.
Joe Scarborough, a former Republican congressman and current MSNBC host, attacked Christie as one of the \"stupidest arguments\" he has ever heard.
Star on SundayLedger (\"One Gov.
To another: Opportunity Missed \")
The Connecticut government.
Dannell Mahler took unusual steps in a review article accusing Christie of doing so out of a \"personal political desire \", calling the decision \"shocking\" and \"The decision goes against common sense.
\"But there is a reason why gun control supporters like Malloy did not provide evidence that Christie was actually wrong.
Crime experts and economists have done a lot of research on the ban on offensive weapons, but there is no evidence that limiting the size of the magazine can help combat crime.
Let\'s take Chris Cooper and Jeff Ross, the two criminology professors, for example.
The Clinton administration hired them to assess the original assault weapons ban, which limited the magazine to 10 bullets.
They found: \"The evidence is not enough for us to conclude that there is any meaningful effect (i. e.
, The effect is different from zero).
\"At the time, Koth and Roth said that benefits could be found after the ban came into effect for many years.
Seven years later, in 2004, they published an article.
Dan Woods, a researcher at the National Institute of Justice, concluded that \"we cannot clearly attribute this ban to the recent decline in gun violence in the country.
In fact, there is no significant reduction in the lethality and harm of gun violence.
\"I worked with Bill Landes, a professor at the University of Chicago, on mass shootings, and restrictions from the federal and state assault weapons magazine had no effect on the number or lethality of mass shootings.
Marlow\'s reasons for the month --
The bullet limit said: \"The shooter must stop and use 30-round magazine. . . .
We see over and over again that the precious few seconds that hold an empty magazine have the potential to save lives.
But he was obviously wrong.
Ironically, his first example illustrates the opposite.
Like the big magazines used in Tucson, arritz.
Shooting is often blocked
Large magazines need very strong springs, and the pressure of bullets in magazines can cause fatigue of metal springs over time.
When the spring loses the ability to push the bullet into the chamber correctly, you get stuck.
The interference also occurred in Koro Aurora.
Batman movie theater attack.
But more importantly, bad people don\'t have to worry about laws that limit the size of magazines.
The magazine is basically a metal box with a spring, which is very simple to make.
With the advent of cheap plastic 3D printers, people willing to break the law can make magazines of any size they want.
Restrictions on the size of magazines are more likely to affect the law
Law-abiding citizens.
Someone who legally carries for himself
The Department of Defense is unlikely to move around just because they may need additional magazines.
In contrast, mass shooters know when their attack will happen and have extra magazines ready.
Finally, it\'s not uncommon for the person who wants it
When more than 10 bullets are fired in the face of multiple home intruders, they become victims.
Christie made a difficult decision, but he had a scientific side. John R. Lott Jr.
Is the chairman of the Crime Prevention Research Center and the author of \"more guns and less crimes (
University of Chicago Press, 2010).
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