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CNC and SLA which is cheaper?

CNC and SLA which is cheaper?


CNC model production cost

CNC processing consumables directly use real materials such as PP, the cost of materials is lower.

But the CNC process needs to be programmed and split. Usually a CNC device needs to be equipped with 3-4 personnel, and the cost is large. Therefore, the cost of the CNC model is mainly taken.

Due to the complexity of parts and material consumption, the more complex the parts, the greater the workload of splitting and programming. The more complex post processing splicing process is, the more labor time is needed, and the higher the cost is.

Customer Feedback

The cost of SLA model is: SLA equipment can basically achieve "unattended", a person can operate 3-5 SLA devices at the same time, and the labor cost is low, but the material of SLA is a specific photosensitive resin, and the procurement cost is high.

Therefore, the cost of making SLA has nothing to do with the complexity of the parts, but mainly depends on the weight of the parts and the depreciation of the equipment itself.

It can be seen from the above comparison that SLA is suitable for making solid parts with relatively simple and heavy structure, while SLA process is mainly suitable for various complicated structures or parts with high duration.

So in terms of cost, because the cost of SLA process is mainly related to the weight of parts, the cost of SLA is better than that of CNC for high fineness, thin-walled or hollow structure parts, while for the relatively simple structure of heavy components, the cost of CNC is dominant.

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