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CNC prototype factory-Dust-free workshop American CTO fuel injection

by:Tuowei     2019-09-30
2019-06- 12 15: 29

The prototype model is mainly for two purposes, one is for the exhibition, and the other is for the experiment in order to win new customers, check whether the design is reasonable and what else needs to be improved. There are several processing methods for making prototype models, the main processing method is CNC machining, so it is particularly important to find a suitable CNC prototype model factory.

The Guangdong area is close to the coast, therefore, the prototype industry starts earlier than other regions, and the technology is more mature. Most of the CNC prototype factory will choose Guangdong. There is a prototype manufacturer called Tuowei model in Shenzhen, which is very powerful. There are many customers who come here. We all know that the prototype production technology in Shenzhen is so mature because the competition between peers is very fierce, and we will strive to improve our strength in order not to be eliminated.

The extension model is such a CNC prototype model manufacturer. The site covers an area of more than 5000 square meters; The equipment has also continuously introduced new equipment, and has also trained a number of technical talents. It has also opened a dust-free workshop to help customers conduct three-dimensional testing free of charge. Not only that, but also hired us cto technical guidance, the us cto has been studying in the industry for at least ten years. Since its establishment, the model has been established for 18 years and has rich experience. The service is thoughtful and the work efficiency is over 30%!

If you want to consult questions about the prototype, contact online customer service on the right! As a regular CNC prototype factory, tuowei model will definitely answer your questions with great enthusiasm!

Given the important role played by in ensuring proper functioning of cnc rapid prototyping, every individual must take an interest towards improving abs rapid prototyping.
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