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by:Tuowei     2019-09-04
Return to the main pageNEWS stream west African journalists to go undercover to find trafficking in children;
The best and worst of CES;
Syrian rebels clashed with al-Qaida in the north;
Chris Christie was involved in the bridge closure scandal in January 9, 2014
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Host: I\'m Luke shti from Hong Kong.
Welcome to the news stream where news and technology meet.
Why the Republicans are betting that the people who want to take back the White House are in trouble on a bridge.
As the opposition began fighting other rebel groups, the civil war in Syria faces further division.
Let\'s take a look at the best performance of the Consumer Electronics Show including Sony\'s new game streaming service, Playstation Now.
We \'ve all heard of the word \"traffic jam\" to describe American politics, but the scandal surrounding the governor of New Jersey and the possible hope of Chris Christie in the White House involved
The leaks exposed emails among members of the governor\'s core circle, suggesting they may have planned traffic jams on a bridge and received political retaliation.
Joe John explained. (Start Video)
CNN Correspondent joe johns: scandals involving closed lanes at one of the nation\'s busiest intersections have erupted and captured Governor Christie, as his main potential candidate for 2016 Republican presidential nomination, he played a prominent role on the national stage.
It started in September, when several lanes of the George Washington Bridge were closed for four days without warning, including the first day of school near Fort Lee, New Jersey, it caused an hour of traffic nightmare to the town.
Now, a letter from EMS officials indicates that even emergency responders have been delayed, with a case involving a caregiver responding to a woman with a heart attack.
It was questioned whether the standoff was politically motivated in retaliation for the refusal to support Christie\'s last re-election as Democratic mayor, Fort Lee.
The text messages and emails CNN gets seem to be the closest thing to smoking.
\"It\'s time to solve the traffic problem in Fort Lee.
\"This was sent to David Wildstein on August 13 from Bridget and Kelly\'s email account, one of the top officials appointed by the governor in the agency that controls the bridge.
\"Yes,\" he replied.
When the mayor of Fort Lee called to ask about the traffic jam, Kelly then sent an email to Wildstein asking if someone had called him back.
The response is \"radio silence \".
The official excuse for the roar of the bridge, a traffic study examining the safe mode of toll lanes.
Christie later denied that his office had something to do with the bridge. GOV.
Chris ChristieR)
New Jersey: I\'m actually the one who makes an egg cone outside.
You\'re really not serious about this.
John: The governor issued a statement late Wednesday in response to the revelations.
Knowing that I was not only misled by one of my employees, but that this totally inappropriate and unapproved behaviour was done without my knowledge, I felt angry and deeply saddened.
The question now is whether any state or federal laws have been violated.
Maror mark sokolich, Fort Lee, NJ: The person responsible for this most outrageous act.
They can no longer be the power of the government.
But residents of New Jersey are now angry about the scandal.
Yorman borg, a resident of New Jersey: I think the story is incredible.
The whole concept of it being politically motivated is wrong.
I mean, you don\'t take people hostage for any political reason.
Joe John, CNN, Washington. (END VIDEOATPE)
Lou Stott: Now, the Christie\'s government may be asking for a formal investigation into the bridge dispute because a state senator is planning to do so.
You just heard Joe say that the George Washington Bridge is the busiest crossroads in the United States.
Now the port authorities in New York and New Jersey call it the busiest bridge in the world.
And it says 0. 102 billion cars use it every year.
There are nearly 280,000 cars per day on average.
It connects Manhattan Island, New York, and Fort Lee, New Jersey.
Now, the mayor of Fort Lee, a Democrat, did not support Christie\'s re-election last year.
Now Christie\'s will hold a press conference in about three hours to learn more about the potential impact.
Let\'s go live in Washington now.
Peter Hamby of CNN is next to him.
Peter, how important is this moment, the upcoming Chris Christie press conference?
Peter Hamby, cnn correspondent: This is a big deal for Chris Christie.
Frankly, Kristie, this is the biggest controversy since Chris Christie became governor.
Look, this is basically a local traffic story that has developed into a comprehensive political crisis for the governor.
As you mentioned, the potential criminal investigation and the committee in charge of investigating the matter does not rule out issuing subpoenas to the governor to testify before Senate Democrats, before the Senate and Parliament of New Jersey discuss the issue
Look, the biggest political problem with Governor Christie is that it weakens his idea of being carefully cultivated as a bipartisan figure.
We don\'t know if he knows about it.
But the people around him punished a Democrat because he didn\'t support him in this way, which actually weakened what he was very carefully shaping as he laid the groundwork for a potential presidential campaign
Christie, the other thing here is that it feeds the narrative of Chris Christie, who is a bully.
It may or may not be fair, but it is an image of the American voting crowd.
It also reinforces the fact that he will hurt his enemies for his own political interests.
It has been a blow to him since he first ran for governor in 2009.
So at this press conference today, he has to try to come forward and look for the people who have been laid off and the people who have been laid off.
He can no longer afford to pay for the scandal.
Christie, he hopes to sweep it under the carpet before the end of the week.
Rusto: his integrity, his credibility is online.
In your words, he must try to stand up at the upcoming press conference in three hours.
Are Republicans opposed to Chris Christie to a large extent?
Hambi: Not yet.
There are a lot of conservatives within the Republican Party who don\'t trust Chris Christie.
They think he is introverted on social issues.
He\'s a moderate.
He\'s probably too close to the president.
So you will see some conservative voices coming out to criticize him.
We heard the radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh come out yesterday to criticize his leadership style, say he punished his enemies, etc.
But overall, you didn\'t see a lot of Republican officials coming out to condemn him, asking him to resign, asking him to resign as chairman of the Republican Governors Association, who recently took over
I think that\'s because, according to the Republicans I spoke to, they still don\'t know all the facts here.
The people inside the Republican Party are very quiet.
They don\'t want to fall into this mess. They don\'t --
You know, you don\'t know what he knows when he knows.
Maybe we\'ll see some comments after a press conference later today, but for now you see Republicans being very cautious about how to fix this, as it\'s still an ongoing scandal.
It\'s still very sensitive at this time, Christie.
Lou Stott: a lot of explanation is needed.
In a few hours, we will hear directly from this person.
Peter Hamby joined us from the Washington scene, thank you very much.
Now, Dennis Rodman is apologizing to Kenneth Bae\'s family for his public remarks about American citizens imprisoned in North Korea.
The former basketball star is now visiting Pyongyang, causing controversy and criticism.
He spoke about Bae in an interview with CNN reporter Chris Cuomo on Tuesday. (
Start Video Editing)
Dennis Rodman.
NBA player: if you understand Kenneth Bae.
Do you understand what he did?
Chris Como, cnn correspondent: What did he do? You tell me. RODMAN: . . . In this country
What did he do, you tell me?
Rodman: No, no, no. You tell me. You tell me.
Why is he imprisoned?
They have not released any charges.
They don\'t publish any reason.
Lou Stott: No Dennis Rodman said his behavior in that clip should be attributed to the effects of stress and alcohol.
In a statement today, he apologized to Bae\'s family.
\"I made a lot of people feel embarrassed,\" he said.
I\'m very sorry.
\"Now, let\'s go straight to Anna Coren for more information on Rodman\'s controversial trip.
She lives in Beijing with me now.
Anna, what else did Rodman say in his apology?
Anna Coren, cnn international correspondent: Yes, Christie, it\'s very unusual, the real backsliding of Dennis Rodman on his statement, through his, if you like
You mentioned that he apologized to Kenneth Bae\'s family because he clearly offended them and deeply offended them.
He basically suggested that Kenneth Bae should be sentenced to 15 years of labor in North Korea.
I want to read you more apologies.
\"My dream of basketball diplomacy,\" he said.
It soon dispersed.
I have been drinking.
I want to apologize to Bae\'s family.
I \'d also like to apologize to Chris Como, \"he\'s certainly a CNN reporter who interviewed Dennis Rodman.
\"I made a lot of people feel embarrassed.
I\'m very sorry.
At this point, I should be more clear than making a political statement.
So he\'s blaming his emotions.
He blamed the strange outbreak on alcohol, and whether it was enough to appease the Bae family remains to be seen.
Of course, they were deeply offended by these comments.
Kenneth Bae\'s sister came forward and said Dennis Rodman should have used the opportunity to appeal for her brother\'s release.
This is, of course, Dennis Rodman\'s fourth visit to North Korea.
He is still in the country.
He said Kenneth Bae was not his problem and he did not want to get involved.
But we will certainly wait to see if there is any development in the legend of Kenneth Bae, and whether there are other statements to be made when Dennis Rodman finally comes out of North Korea.
Lu Stott: Dennis Rodman, he may have apologized, but his behavior, his behavior in North Korea, his behavior, continues to attract a lot of criticism, including a birthday salute against Kim Jong Un.
Can you tell us what happened?
Yes, he is very strange.
He bowed to Kim in front of a stadium packed with 14,000 mainly North Koreans, a 90-degree bow.
There are 20 Western tourists.
We caught up with some tourists earlier, but I think you hear Dennis Rodman singing now-
Happy Birthday song by Dennis Rodman
An American tourist described it as Marilyn Monroe singing at Kennedy Airport.
Another tourist said that Dennis Rodman was very heartfelt and he made very sincere and sincere comments to his friends.
This is, you know, an unlikely friendship.
Like I said, it was his fourth trip.
He described Kim Jong Un as a good friend, a beloved friend.
He wants to close the gap between the United States and North Korea.
Of course, AmericaS.
S. State Department says Dennis Rodman does not work for them, but they are certainly interested in what Dennis Rodman said when he returned to the United States, Christie.
Anna Coran, who lives in Beijing for us. Thank you.
The Syrian civil war is still raging in the news stream.
Now, there is a battle in a battle.
They went to Ivan Watson on the ground to live.
A change to a former thief.
We look at the dangerous work of pirates in the Republic of the Congo against the deadly ivory trade.
At the world\'s largest technology show, consumers are attracted to all sorts of strange and wonderful gadgets.
But some products are not up to standard.
We have the best and worst packaging. (
Business break)
Lu STOUT: Live from Hong Kong, this is the news stream.
Now, the fierce fighting between Syrian rebels continues, and they are formally united in the battle with President Bashar AL-ASSAD. Assad.
A war on the northern Syrian border with Turkey has been going on for a week.
Rebel groups fought each other in a violent power struggle.
Opposition militants are trying to expel al-Qaida-linked Islamic State groups in Iraq and Syria.
Human rights groups now accuse both sides of committing atrocities.
Let\'s go live in Turkey now. Syrian border.
International journalist Ivan Watson is at the scene.
There is a battle between Ivan, the rebels and al-Qaida militants.
What is the latest news?
Ivan watson, cnn international correspondent: That\'s right.
Now the shooting has been suspended, but let me take you to the scene, Christie.
If you look at this, it\'s only two kilometers from the Syrian border town of gerabris (ph).
Although this is the scene of the day and night battles we have witnessed here, the black flags of the al-Qaida-linked Islamic State in Iraq and Syria continue to fly from some buildings in the center of the town.
Last night we witnessed a huge fireball explosion, a sign of the battle.
We also heard the sound of prosperity coming from there, and gunshots came last night and today.
The battle has been going on for several days.
This is just one of many towns, in which the Syrian rebel coalition launched a coordinated offensive last week to try to take the al-Qaida called ISIS under control from the opposition in northern Syria.
The opposition coalition has claimed that ISIS has maintained a terrorist rule in northern Syria, essentially a wild kidnapping, involved in carrying out atrocities by anyone who disagrees with the group.
One of the concerns about fighting in this town is that rebel fighters have told us that they are concerned that ISIS may have hundreds of prisoners at their base.
This is one of their fears because they are trying to fight ISIS militants on both sides and there are reports that they have encountered summary executions of prisoners ---Kristie.
Lou Stott: Ivan, we have this deadly power struggle behind the Syrian border.
What does this mean for civil war?
Will the focus shift from pressure on Bashar al
Assad put more pressure on him. . .
Watson: Well, of course there are some concerns as well, because both sides are involved in this ---
In this internal struggle
What will this do about the front lines of the two-three-year war between the Syrian opposition and Syrian regime forces?
But on the other hand, many members of the Syrian opposition are very worried that in the past few months, the rapid rise of ISIS, as well as in the eyes of some critics, how the campaign is trying to basically replace the Syrian revolution by imposing what ISIS calls the \"Islamic state\" on them, a country not only in northern Syria, and it will bleed across borders to countries like Iraq.
That\'s one of the reasons why the rebels are chasing ISIS.
But, as one Syrian activist I spoke to said, a Syrian activist was forced to flee because of this difficult rise --
As he said, the organization contacted by al-Qaida, and what is really worrying now, is that the reports he has received say that, depending on which faction they belong to, people are being executed at checkpoints.
In this already brutal civil war, it is not good for anyone, which has resulted in the deaths of thousands of people and the displacement of thousands of refugees.
In addition to this, we have seen terrible videos from the northern city of Aleppo, from a children\'s hospital used by ISIS as its headquarters, described as a video of 42 ISIS prisoners, they appear to have been executed immediately.
We don\'t know when it happened because some of the prisoner\'s eyes were dug out.
We \'ve seen video evidence that some of these people have their hands tied behind their backs.
This is part of the terrible scene we saw in northern Syria, controlled by the opposition, and the area has been destroyed by this terrible conflict ---Kristie.
Lou Stott: Ivan Watson reports live from Turkey
The latest news on the border with Syria is that a war broke out in Syria.
Thanks Ivan.
Next, from poachers to reform protectors of endangered elephants, we will continue to focus exclusively on the ivory trade with Ava Damon. Stay with us. (
Business break)
Lu Stott: This week, we will bring you an exclusive collection of illegal ivory trade in Congo.
Today, we are following an adult elephant poacher, but have now become the protector of endangered animals.
CNN correspondent Arwa Damon and photographer Peter Rudan (ph)
Brent crude futures (ph)
The fourth part of the series. (Start Video)
CNN International correspondent arwa damon: Gunshots rang.
We are just trying to keep up with the charge for the Eco Park after elephant poachers. (inaudible)
Returned and described how he took the gun from the suspected poachers.
He\'s a hero today.
He is nothing in the process of growing up. Mapuler (ph)was a poacher.
He used his knowledge of the forest to kill elephants for their ivory.
He grew up in the forest and knew how the forest grew, but he also knew that he was born from a long-suffering minority, due to centuries of adaptation to life in the forest, the figure is smaller.
When they were forced to show up, the pygmies found themselves often abused by most people in the class.
\"Yes, they used to hit me a lot.
The Bantu people even kicked people with violence, \"mappers (ph)tells us.
He learned to hunt with his father, who was sent to the forest by his master Bantu.
\"He was never paid.
He can\'t even show anything for his work.
My father died and left us nothing. \" Mapuler (ph)
He said he had no choice but to follow his father.
\"I had to go to the forest to kill the elephant.
\"There is no job,\" he explained . \".
He began to develop a forest that produced Pygmy culture and lived in harmony with nature.
He isn\'t alone.
Paul telfer, Wildlife Protection Association: they were abused.
They are the only ones who really know the forest, and they go deep enough into these remote areas to fight elephants and pull the trigger. And they\'re --
You know, they came out with ivory and gave it to someone else.
They either didn\'t get the compensation, so they just ate a little meat, or they only got $100 at most, that\'s it.
DAMON: most of the indigenous people here still don\'t have education, health care, or even proper birth certificates.
Can you call it a modern form? day slavery?
Man: Yes. Definitely.
DAMON: UNICEF says while the government has noticed, the capital\'s initiative is slow to reach remote forests that still cover most of the country.
At stake, a culture that is rapidly disappearing, along with it, the unparalleled forest knowledge that elephants and poachers and protectors all want to use.
They need education.
They have the right to education.
They have the right to get everything everyone does.
But they started to learn a doctorate in forest from the age they started crawling. inaudible)
In the forest every day.
That\'s how they learn.
When you take these children away from the forest and let them go to school, they lose their culture.
They lost their ability to live in the forest.
They lost their cultural identity.
DAMON: mappers (ph)
He is still using the skills he learned as a child, but his current choice is to protect the forest as an eco-park. Mapuler (ph)
Take us to his mother. \"I am proud.
\"My son stopped poaching,\" she told us . \".
\"I am proud of him now.
\"In a community pushed to the edge, his story is a story of redemption.
CNN correspondent Arwa Damon reports at the Odzala National Park in Congo. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Lou Stott: For more information on CNN\'s exclusive coverage of the illegal ivory trade in Congo, let\'s invite our senior international correspondent, Arwa Damon.
She lives with us at the London branch.
You brought us the story of redemption.
But what about the others?
DAMON: It\'s very difficult for them, Kristie.
Although the government\'s attitude towards the Pygmy population, which accounts for about 10% of the total population of Congo, has improved slightly, the situation continues.
There are not many opportunities for them to receive education.
They don\'t have many medical opportunities.
When we see that they are used both by poachers and by those who want to protect the forest because they have valuable knowledge.
So they need to be given financial choices.
They need the opportunity to find a balance between living in the forest, living outside the forest, living in harmony with nature, but also being able to make a living so that they are not abused by the population and poachers Christie.
Lu Stott: Ava Damon from CNN\'s London channel is live, thank you very much.
Tomorrow, not just the elephant in Odzala National Park --
Risk, western lowland gorillas have also been hurt.
On Friday, we will bring you more efforts to protect this endangered species.
For all the latest news on CNN\'s exclusive coverage of the fight against poaching and illegal ivory trade, you can follow Arwa Damon\'s coverage on our website CNN.
Now you\'re watching the news.
When we came back, he was jailed for a spoof video in the UAE.
Now this American is released.
We will report live from Abu Dhabi.
CNN free program special, exclusive reports from Ghana say children are sold and beaten in places known as Modernday slavery. Stay with us. (
Business break)
I am Lu Shitao in Hong Kong.
You\'re watching the news.
These are your world headlines.
Now, the civil war in Syria has changed over the past week.
Rebels allied with the government attacked each other.
The opposition told CNN they are fighting militants linked to al-Qaida.
There have been several days of clashes in northern Syria.
Casualties were reported on both sides.
Former NBA star Dennis Rodman apologized for what he said in an interview with CNN on Tuesday.
The retired American basketball player has made controversial comments about Kenneth Bae, an American who was sentenced to 15 years in prison at the North Korean labor service.
Now Rodman acknowledged drinking before the interview and said the pressure played a role in his outbreak.
The first human case of bird flu has occurred in North America.
Health officials in Canada say residents in Alberta have died after being infected with the H5N1 virus.
But they call it an isolated case.
The infected man recently went to Beijing.
Officials say Canadians are at little risk of getting the virus.
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will deal with the growing scandal surrounding traffic jams on a key bridge.
Now, the email shows that his number one AIDS is likely to be planning a September economic slowdown on the George Washington Bridge to punish a political opponent.
State senators plan to call for a formal investigation.
Now Governor Christie is considered the main candidate for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.
The family of an American man detained in the UAE said he was released early Thursday.
Last month, Shezanne Cassim posted an ironic video on YouTube and was sentenced to one year in prison.
Now Shezanne has left the UAE and flew back to the United States. S. right now.
Sara Sidner is in UAE and join us now from Abu Dhabi.
Sara, the release of Cassim and the coming home must be very, very welcome news for his family and supporters.
Sara sidner, cnn correspondent: of course.
They were overjoyed.
They thanked everyone involved for trying to help Shezanne Cassim out of prison.
However, the court here said that he had slandered the UAE abroad and that he was convicted and sentenced to one year in prison.
Nine months later, he was released and flown on his way home.
As far as we know, he should arrive at Minnesota from where he came from at Minni aporius time in the afternoon.
After the family went public, many people were involved in the matter.
We received a letter from the United States. S. senator.
We heard from the head of Minnesota who supported Xie Shang.
We\'re from-
Make a list of Hollywood comedians like Will Ferrer who come together and say, you know, let him go out.
All he did was try to be funny.
This 19-minute video, he and his friends didn\'t know it would cause such a big controversy.
Of course, I don\'t know if it\'s going to put them in jail.
But he\'s going home now.
Four others were put in prison with him, and they were both convicted.
Two of them are from the UAE.
They are chiefs.
They were released from prison eight months later.
In fact, he was in prison with two Indian nationals. -
At least he was released.
We still haven\'t heard from the other two people who were imprisoned with him.
We are trying to find information on this.
But this is one of the cases where a lot of people grab their heads, because if you watch this video, it\'s hard to say why the UAE actually arrested them and convicted them all.
Lu black beer: Yes.
It\'s hard to say why.
Tell us more about this parody video?
What makes it considered a crime in the UAE?
Yes, it\'s interesting, you know. It\'s hard --
Again, it\'s hard to say.
They didn\'t specify what exactly was the video that led to their conviction against these people.
If you look at it, they\'re doing things like throwing shoes at the newspaper and walking through a block saying it\'s dangerous.
You can say it\'s a joke because if anyone knows about Dubai and knows about the neighborhood, people will certainly not think the place is very dangerous.
This should be a parody and a joke.
But obviously everyone is serious.
So you have a situation where these guys are trying to be funny, trying to imitate, if you want, to imitate their neighbors, especially the teenagers around them, quote, not quote, and want to be gangsters.
In a relatively safe place.
So that\'s why it surprised everyone.
I think a lot of people don\'t really understand the problem when they watch the video.
However, I will tell you that in fact, at first few people have seen the story, but once the case is reported by the media, once people start to get noticed because they are arrested, all of a sudden thousands of people started watching this video because of course it made news around the world--Kristie.
Lou Stott: That\'s right.
It was a disturbing experience for xie shang Kassim, but thankfully he is on his return flight now.
Sara Sidner joins us from the Abu Dhabi scene, thanks.
This weekend, we will broadcast a special freedom project on the slave trade in West Africa.
We are focusing on modern society.
Day of human trafficking
In an exclusive CNN report, Vladimir Duthiers met with a Ghanaian journalist who went undercover to fight child trafficking. (Start Video)
CNN reporter vladimir duthiers: the daylight rescue operation.
Police in Ghana have surrounded a compound belonging to suspected child traffickers.
Within minutes, the suspect was arrested and the children were taken to a safe house.
The authorities say children detained here have been beaten many times without access to doctors and education.
And underage girls forced to get married.
I went to the office of the man who had been undercover at the traffickers camp for a few weeks.
His name is Anas, a journalist-born activist.
Anas is known in Ghana for its secret exposure to crime and corruption.
Reporter Anas: the traffickers found the country a very stable place to do business.
DUTHIERS: Some of these children, who are only 10 years old, soon find themselves in terrible, often cruel conditions and have no way out.
This happened 15-year-old boy.
When he said his parents gave him a woman who he never knew his name, he was only 13 years old.
A few days later, he and the other boys were handed over to the owner of a farm.
We said that even for this job, we haven\'t done it before. What are you going to do?
The woman sold us to them, he said.
We go to the farm every day.
They will be defeated.
We have to work. they have to fight. we don\'t eat.
We will not rest either.
But if this man comes to the farm-
The farm owner, he will hit you, and he will hit you.
So we can\'t do anything whether you\'re hungry or not, and you will do the job.
Even if you get sick and cry, you go to the farm.
They won\'t buy you medicine.
He tried to escape several times.
They got you again.
They caught me again.
They wanted to kill us.
He said his life was spared because the owner of the farm was not there.
Three years later, he managed to escape.
He was taken to the Ghanaian Embassy and returned to Ghana.
They thought I was dead or something happened to me.
So when I came back, they were happy to meet me.
They are very happy to see me.
Duterte Hill: We met with the Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection of Ghana, Nana Oyer leitur.
The Ghanaian government is committed to the elimination of human trafficking and child prostitution.
She is now chair of the human trafficking management committee, composed of government agencies and non-governmental organizations.
They recently drafted a new five-year national action plan.
Ghana\'s Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection, Nana Oyi likure: we will move this forward.
I know that the Ghana Police Department has also promised because we have done some cooperation in this regard.
We have to get local governments to buy this as well as intelligence agencies to buy this, but we are very committed to this.
I think the work is in progress.
I am very sure that we will get there in terms of making sure at least we can get out of these brothels.
Anas: I know what\'s wrong with our institutions.
But hey, I\'m going to take a step forward and meet them halfway.
Anas knew by walking forward that he was breaking the line.
We do news because we want to influence the society in which we live.
This is the key for me.
I don\'t have to follow any rules anyway (inaudible)
Can influence the rules of my society. (END VIDEOATPE)
Lou Stott: Make sure you listen tomorrow.
We will receive another report from West Africa on the issue of child care in the Gambia.
We will hear from an inspiring young woman who is able to get rid of forced marriage.
You can also read more about the CNN Free Project survey on our website.
Now, it\'s finally unfrozen in the United States.
In Europe, the weather is getting warmer and warmer.
A detailed global climate forecast with Mali Ramos.
She joins us now. -Mari.
Mary Ramos, CNN Weather Reporter: Hi Christie, nice to meet you.
I want to show you this picture here.
This situation shows us the polar vortex where cold air from the polar region enters the United States through Canada.
So, we will continue to move forward and return all the way to Saturday in time.
Keep in mind that these purple colors will be the coldest air.
This is the border between the United States and the United States. S. and Canada.
Here is the Great Lakes. here is Chicago.
Now we know where we are.
We started it up and you can see all the cold air invading.
As it continues down, it even passes through Texas all the way to northern Florida.
Of course, we have arrived on Tuesday, and it is indeed the coldest day in the whole region, even New York and Atlanta.
This was the case before, this is the case now.
Just in the last 24 hours, this shows us the change in temperature.
Today, Minni amnesby was six degrees warmer yesterday.
Atlanta, it\'s nine degrees warmer today than yesterday.
Temperatures in New York and Washington are between seven and eight degrees.
Miami is warm today.
It can be said that they had a cold day yesterday.
Only one day, and only one day, I think their climax during the day is about 13 or 14 days.
However, it\'s still cold in Minni aporiis.
In terms of temperature, temperatures in all these areas are still well below average.
When you consider the wind, it feels much colder than this.
By tomorrow, however, cold air will continue to retreat north and return to the Arctic Circle.
By Friday, the country will reach even above average.
So this is definitely a huge change compared to what we used to be.
For example, Chicago\'s average high at this time of year is 1 degree.
They will approach this when we enter Friday.
You mentioned Europe.
The problem in Europe is that it is in the northwest corner, very humid and not necessarily cold, but the rain has been ruthless and windy.
They finally began to rest.
But I really want to talk to you about this region of Central and Eastern Europe.
Look at Moscow at 2 degrees.
So it\'s not normal that Atlanta is colder than Moscow today.
We are not only below average, but also above average.
In this whole area you have maintained above average for a period of time.
There is little snow, and sometimes it may rain.
Even in the next three days, even if you get more moisture into Moscow, you may even see some snow at night, by Sunday, when the temperature finally starts to drop below freezing, you\'ll be closer to your average, about minus 1--
An average of 7.
But at cold temperatures, you haven\'t had it for a while.
It will be a huge change for you.
Kiev had a similar situation when we went to Berlin and felt like spring.
These flowers sometimes bloom because the temperature is above average.
But you will start to see a little bit, a little bit of winter, not a lot of snow, but surely more of the way moisture comes in.
The farthest area in the North will snow.
So, to say the least, this is a very unusual weather pattern for the whole region.
I want to take you to another place in the world to Latin America.
You see, Christie.
The sun in Santiago, Chile is almost invisible.
Yes, this is the city.
Can you imagine?
Chile is a huge city, with 40% of its population living in the heart of the capital.
It has been completely smothered by smoke in the past few days.
Today, there is nothing better than yesterday.
Of course, all this has to do with dozens of wild fires burning in central Chile.
Very dry conditions are expected to continue over the next few days. Back to you.
Lou Stott: challenge the environment around the world.
Thank you, Mary Ramos.
Now it looks like the International Space Station, and it can stay in orbit for longer.
Now the White House has given it a four-year extension until at least 2024.
Now, this expansion will enable NASA to complete various research projects, including the preparation of the human Mars exploration mission.
But approval from the Obama administration is only the first step.
The International Space Station is a joint venture between the United States and the United States. S.
Russia, Canada, Japan and the European Space Agency.
Now, just ahead of the news stream, look at the best and worst gadgets that have appeared at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year. Stick around. (
Business break)
Lu Stott: now the sports community has seen sports in recent years that address major issues such as racism and violence, but is homophobia the last taboo?
Now, in CNN\'s special series, the gay athletes tour, we interviewed front-line people against discrimination.
Today, we will meet with speed skater Blake skylapu.
He dreamed of representing New Zealand at the Olympics, but he felt that he was gay, which made his dream out of reach. (Start Video)
My name is Blake skelap.
I am an Olympic short track speed skater. I represent New Zealand.
I started speed skating when I was 10 because during school holidays I broke my arm and roller skating with some friends.
I also swim at the same time and do track and field sports at the same time.
I really can\'t do this with broken arms.
Obviously, I can\'t play football.
So my brother suggested that I try the speed skating because he has a speed skating friend in Christchurch.
I tried it and loved it and was doing it all the time.
But when it comes to those macho movements, my peers don\'t think I\'m as macho as they do through the movements I do.
This in turn led them to apply to me that I am gay.
I was called gay before I found out and even knew what I was.
That\'s not why I\'m gay.
Yes, I \'ve always been gay, but somehow my peers knew it before I did.
I don\'t think they did it, I think it\'s just that they imposed one (inaudible)to this non-
Men\'s sports, speed skating, this is (inaudible)very masculine.
Very dangerous.
I haven\'t seen many people. inaudible)
Play football or break your ankle directly. inaudible).
Growing up in high school, being singled out for a different person is a very sad situation for many children in today\'s society.
For me, when I was at that age, I was called Gay every day.
I think, to some extent, I am lucky that I have never been bullied, but more often than not.
But in my opinion, the situation is worse.
The scars on the outside can heal, but the scars on the inside must take longer to overcome.
If you are young, engaged in sports and don\'t have anyone you can reach at any level, it\'s a hard thing because you just feel lonely and lonely, this is definitely how I feel.
When I first realized I was gay, it was about 16.
At the same time, I am very involved in my sport.
One of the things that I find difficult for me is that I don\'t have any role models, anyone I can worship, they are all out there and openly involved in sports.
I think I--
My own conclusion is that you can\'t be an athlete, you can\'t participate in the Olympics, you can\'t be gay. (END VIDEOTAPE)
His power and wisdom are amazing.
Don\'t miss this special documentary called World Sports, which shows the journey of gay athletes.
Premiere on Saturday.
Listen at 5: 00 P. M. in Hong Kong, which is 10: 00 a. m. China-Europe time.
This year\'s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is by far the largest.
There are over 3,200 exhibitors and there are a lot of new gadgets to see.
Now, Samuel Burke and Adrian Covert from CNN Money have searched the huge showrooms for us and shared their favorites on CES 2014. (Start Video)
Samuel Burke, cnn correspondent: Well, let\'s talk about some of the best things we \'ve seen at the Consumer Electronics Show.
I\'ll talk about this in a moment, but first I want to hear what you think Adrian, what is the best thing you see?
Adrian hidden, CNN finance CORRESPONDENT: I was so impressed with Sony\'s Playstation Now service, which is essentially gamesstreaming so anyone can connect to the Internet.
You can play video games using the cloud so you don\'t need the console at home.
So it\'s not a new idea, but Sony is definitely the biggest company to try.
Their service was excellent, or the demo was done here.
I think it provides a hopeful glimpse into the future of the game.
When it comes to the future, one of the best TVs I see is curved TV.
When you actually sit there, you feel like you\'re in the picture.
But I think it\'s still the future because I think it really hurts my wallet if I or you buy it.
Yes, of course.
I was particularly impressed by LG\'s curved display, which will have an interesting smart TV interface powered by a Web operating system.
So I look forward to it.
What about wearable devices?
I saw great wearable devices everywhere.
I\'m still wearing some.
What is the wearable device that stays for you?
COVERT: I was impressed with this year\'s activity tracker, which takes advantage of the features of devices like Nike Fuel Belt, which are very simple, very small, just keep track of your activity, but they took the better part of the smartwatch like when you get a text message and when you get a call they put the notice there.
So companies like Sony, LG and Razor are doing it with their products.
I was deeply impressed by these.
Burke: one of the features I really like is on this Fitbit, which also has a silent alarm clock so that people next to you don\'t wake up.
It vibrates so that this person doesn\'t have to get up at the crazy time that many of us on CNN get up.
But I think it\'s the same because all these wearable technologies are connected to your smartphone.
This 9450 basketball can even connect to your smartphone.
This app is a bit like a coach, it can tell you what\'s going on inside the ball and help you improve the dribble.
Yeah, I mean, like, you know, sensors. -
Like a wearable device.
You know, the components are getting smaller, the sensors are getting smaller and the power you need is getting smaller, so you can definitely stick them to a product like this and they will make them better. So it\'s cool.
There\'s one I don\'t see, but you see, MakerBots.
COVERT: Yes, so what MakerBot is doing is using their Replicator Mini and they are making 3D printers smaller and cheaper.
This is the cheapest one for them.
It is important that, although its price is close to $1,400, it is getting closer and closer to those who just want to use 3D printers as a hobby.
In fact, this is an important step towards the large-scale adoption of 3D printing and the achievement of this goal in mainstream culture. So. . .
Burke: will you spend the money?
Secret: Not yet, but I really like the idea, for those who like it.
Like me, I like the ball.
I don\'t think I will buy it for nearly $300.
But this is the best place for CES, and you can see what happens next.
What will be cheaper in the next few years.
It\'s a secret. (END VIDEOATPE)
Lou Stott: Wow, the review there is very good.
But the next product, it doesn\'t make Samuel and Adrian the best, but we think it\'s worth a look.
Now BlackBerry users often say that the reason why they can\'t switch to touch screen devices like the iPhone is the physical keyboard.
Now a company says they have a solution.
It is called the Tactus keyboard.
It produces these physical bubbles that rise from the phone screen, create temporary keys that you can feel, and then disappear again.
So how does it work?
Well, the company says it uses a layer on a screen full of liquid.
That layer can move the liquid so that it gathers in some places, causing these bubbles to rise.
So far, no company has registered to use the technology.
So, these are the highlights of high technology, but we also want to look at the lows.
The worst thing about CES is direct leadership.
Stay with us on the news stream. (
Business break)
Lu Pang: welcome back.
Now, before taking a break, we looked at some of the best new equipment available at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, but some products were not impressive.
Now Samuel Burke and Adrian hiker show us the worst list of their shows. (Start Video)
Okay, Adrian, this is a big place.
There are a lot of great things in the Consumer Electronics Show, but there are a lot of bad things in it.
What\'s the worst thing you see this year?
Secret: You know, Canon is a bit back to another crazy consumer idea this year, they want to have a pocket camera with a lens on the front and a camera on the back, when you shoot anything you are shooting, it will take a selfie for you.
This is an interesting idea, but you can already do it easily on your smartphone.
There is no real reason to put it in a pocket-sized camera.
I remember when you did it last year.
So canon is at its worst for two consecutive years.
One of me--
The Neptune time we see here
You \'ve heard of a smartwatch, but I think it\'s actually a smartphone on a smartwatch.
It\'s really that big.
Yes, I am no longer a huge fan of smartwatches because they are imitating smartphones.
Actually, I don\'t need a smartphone on my wrist, I need a smartphone in my pocket.
So I was a little frustrated by that.
Is there anything else bad?
COVERT: Yes, here\'s a company called Phone Soak that sells a box with UV rays so you can stick your Phone inside and it will disinfect it for you, which doesn\'t seem to make sense at all.
I don\'t understand why anyone wants it in millions of years.
I want to add one to this list.
It\'s not the worst, but I think it\'s the worst, Audi driverless car, it\'s really not driverless, it\'s just a small scale drone.
But we almost got chased.
It ended us because it suddenly stopped.
Yes, I saw it.
I was very scared.
But this is a great concept.
I know it will be the future.
We haven\'t arrived yet.
COVERT: Yes, it might be a bit rude to demonstrate it on the go, but it\'s a future concept after years.
I think things will get better over time.
OK, we will have the best next year.
Worst next year.
Hope canon is not there for three consecutive years.
It\'s a secret. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Lou Stott: Hey, it\'s all work done anyway.
This is the news stream.
But CNN continues.
The next is World Business Today.
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