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Common process and case analysis of rapid prototyping abrasive tool manufacturing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-26
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common process and case analysis of rapid prototyping abrasive tool manufacturing

solid model made in rapid prototyping, combined with precision casting, metal spraying, electroplating and electrode grinding, the mold can be quickly manufactured, and the manufacturing cycle is generally 1/5 ~ of the traditional numerical control cutting method ~ 1/10, but the cost is only 1/3 ~ 1/5. variety of process methods have been developed according to mold materials, production costs, RP prototype materials, production batches, and mold accuracy requirements. The following are only common process methods and cases for rapid development of actual products.

1) Use the rapid forming parts as the mother mold, and make the silicone rubber mold

when the number of parts manufactured is small (Batch size is 20 ~ 50 pieces) Generally, the RP prototype is used as the master mold, and the silicone rubber mold is made by pouring organic silicone rubber with room temperature vulcanization. Due to the good flexibility and elasticity of silicone rubber, the structure is complex, the pattern is fine, and the draft angle is not drawn (There is even a certain draft angle) As well as parts with deep grooves, the parts can be taken out directly after pouring. The process method can produce a variety of plastic parts and paraffin models in small batches quickly, easily and cheaply, and is widely used in aerospace, sporting goods, toys and decorative equipment. Production cycle is about 1 week. The cost is 1/15 of the steel mold-1/20. The rapid mold production case of telescope shell developed by Yunnan optical instrument factory. By making RP model and using silicone rubber mold to turn ABS plastic samples, Yunnan optical instrument factory quickly realized the development of new products, including RP prototype, with a production cycle of 6 days.

2)Metal spraying (Metal Spraying) Mold Making method

when the life required by the mold is less than 3000 pieces, the RP prototype is generally used as the mother mold to melt the metal with low melting point (Such as zinc aluminum alloy) After full atomization, spray to the surface of the mother mold at a certain speed, form the surface of the mold cavity, fill the backing composite material, and make the zinc-aluminum alloy soft mold. The process is simple, the cycle is short, and the cavity surface and its fine patterns are formed at the same time. Its production cycle is 1 ~ 2 weeks, the cost is 1/3 of the CNC machining steel mold-1/5. Case of drip irrigation Rapid mold making with drips developed by the national water saving irrigation center. By making the drip RP model, the zinc-aluminum alloy soft mold was made by metal spraying molding method, and 1000 drip products were injection molded for agricultural water-saving irrigation test, the National Water-saving irrigation center has quickly realized the trial production of new products, including RP prototypes, with a production cycle of 2 weeks.

3) Using the rapid forming parts as the mother mold, the steel mold

when the life required by the mold is more than 3000 pieces, the RP prototype can be used as the mother mold, turning the overall grinding wheel consisting of epoxy resin and silicon carbide mixture (3D grinding wheel) On the graphite electrode forming machine, the overall graphite electrode is developed, or the copper is deposited on the surface of the RP prototype by electroformation method by using the principle of electroformation ~ 3mm thick, remove the RP prototype, get the electrode shell, fill the backing material, and make the overall copper electrode. Use the above overall graphite electrode or the overall copper electrode to make steel molds through EDM. The mold manufacturing process avoids CNC machining, saves CNC programming and processing time, and has high complex accuracy. The mold production cycle is 3 ~ 4 weeks, the cost is 1/2 of the CNC machining steel mold? /FONT>1/3. Figure 1. 6 Case of Rapid mold production of engine connecting rod developed for YiTuo group company. By making the connecting rod RP model, the connecting rod graphite electrode is made by graphite electrode integral forming technology, and the connecting rod steel mold is made by EDM. Production cycle is 3 weeks.

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