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Common process of prototype model making

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2014-07- 31 08: 33

Highlights: on aluminum samples that have already been surface treated, a circle is processed with high-speed CNC, reveal the true color of aluminum.

over UV: spray a layer of transparent oil on the surface of the product and dry it with ultraviolet light to make the product brighter and more flower-free, like a protective layer.

relief: it is called relief by hand carving products on one plane.

laser carving: Paint the surface of the product with a laser to make some positions transparent. (For example, the mobile phone button, the car DVD button. Lenses, etc)

plating: In order for the details of the product to be more eye-catching, the product color of the coated layer of silver, the sample before plating must be very smooth, no trace of impurities can be found and then soaked in chemical potions. (Ferry and vacuum ferry)

oxidation (Anode treatment) : Oxidation reaction occurs on the surface of aluminum, forming a layer of film, so that the product is not easy to scratch.

mud carving: hand-carved into a mud sculpture called a stereo product with oil mud.

lathe: there is a collet holding all kinds of materials into an ellipse, a round cup, etc.

silk screen printing: print words or patterns on the plane of the polished prototype.

pad printing: print words or patterns on uneven surfaces of the processed and polished prototype. ( On the basis of silk screen printing, a piece of steel plate should be made at a price of more than 100 yuan. )

drawing: pull out a fine mark on the surface of aluminum to make the sample feel better.

milling machine: Similar to CNC, but it is a gongs bed controlled by manual and automatic switches. ( Entities can be made without 3D drawings, but samples or sketches are required)

sandblasting: spray the processed and polished prototype into translucent sand particles. (Such as translucent cups)

Fuel injection: spray the processed and polished prototype to the color according to the customer's requirements.

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