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Compared with Shenzhen, Guangzhou prototype factory tells you the extension model

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2018-07- 24 20: 29

Although Guangzhou is the provincial capital city of Guangdong, the prototype factory there is still relatively small compared with Shenzhen, therefore, Guangzhou customers often choose Shenzhen prototype factory with a little distance. Although the cost and time spent watching the factory are slightly more lost, in order to choose a good manufacturer, the cost is also worth it. So what kind of prototype factory is worth choosing?

There are many prototypes with more equipment and more general equipment, in the face of large orders, it will be in danger, especially in the small batch prototype production, this advantage is more obvious. Many small prototype factories have limited production capacity and face large orders, it can only meet the customer's requirements for delivery through external delivery, but it is easy to cause the drawings to be leaked, thus not worth the loss.

extension model is a Owned with the prototype factory of 55 large CNC machining equipment, it has a strong production capacity, but what you need to do is a set of prototypes or 1000 sets of prototypes. The extension model has the ability to complete independently, without external hair, and the processing accuracy is very high. Take the prototype of the aluminum alloy box made by the extension model before, the processing accuracy reaches 0. 01mm, precision like this, can only be processed through the five-axis machine.

Secondly, extension dimension has high privacy to customers, generally, customers who come to consult will take the initiative to sign a confidential agreement with him to ensure that your drawings will not be leaked during the development period, so that competitors can take advantage of it.

In fact, we are not necessarily in this era of convenient transportation. be sure to find a prototype factory in Guangzhou, shenzhen prototype factory is also good, not only strong, but also not far away. If you want to find such a manufacturer, you might as well look at the extension model.

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