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Crowdfunding sites yield unique, cutting-edge gifts

by:Tuowei     2019-09-02
For early adop who have everything, something that doesn\'t exist yet may just be a perfect gift.
From leather gloves you can wear while operating your iPad to portable 3D scanners, the crowdfunding website offers unusual gift ideas from Canadian creators.
They are usually the latest technology at the time of delivery.
Since Canadian officially opened to Canadian project in September, thousands of supporters from around the world have promised millions of dollars to launch hundreds of new products, from innovative technologies such as movies to smartphones.
An independent smartwatch called Neptune Pine.
Other crowdfunding sites such as Indiegogo also have a range of interesting projects.
Christopher Charlesworth, a partner company, said the pros and cons of crowdfunding are \"crowdfunding, there are many unique things\"
Founder of Hivewireca, a Toronto-
A company that sells technology platforms for crowdfunding websites and provides crowdfunding research and consulting services.
Usually, in return for taking risks and supporting projects, supporters will
Sometimes order products at a discounted price.
He said that as a reward, anyone who supports crowdfunding activities, whether on their behalf or on behalf of others, is confident to know that they are helping the product to become a reality in the first place.
Some of the downside risks are some.
Only crowdfunding projects have met their funding targets and continued, says Charlesworth.
Because of this, it may be less risky to select projects that have exceeded their funding targets.
Another challenge is that crowdfunding products are often not able to be manufactured until the fundraising target is reached, so supporters may need to pre-
Order a few months in advance to deliver the product in time before Christmas.
Asier Ania, another colleague, said that it is not uncommon for the project to be delayed relative to the expected delivery date
Founder of Hivewireca.
This is not to say that during the holidays, the recipient of the gift will not get anything.
Some projects offer rewards such as sneak peaks, previews, or special updates that make supporters part of the experience.
But from now on, many recipients may have to wait for a few months for the \"second Christmas\" when a pack of brands
New technologies may surprise them.
On the other hand, this could be a great opportunity for anyone who wants to buy a gift online at the last minute --
And the excuse why physical objects do not arrive in time.
Gift givers who want to give acrowdfunded Gift without crowdfunding risk may have the option to do so.
Many projects continue to accept
Their order after the event but before the first product is shipped.
In this case, delivery is usually more timely, Ania said.
The downside is that many projects raised the price of the product at that time.
Whether you choose to buy during or after the event, here are some creative crowdfunding Canadian products to consider.
Those who have finished the campaign are still taking the lead. orders.
The price is Canadian dollars unless otherwise stated.
Note: The following products are not recognized by CBC. 1.
Click here for the video.
The palette is a toolkit that allows you to control software such as Photoshop using sliders, dial and buttons.
Creator: Calvin Chu, Waterloo, Ontario.
Price: professional with a button, a dial, a sliderto aluminum starter kit from $99 to $599 with a power supply, four buttons, Five Dials and six sliders
Expected Delivery time: June 2014? Yes, until Jan. 6, 2014.
Where to order: www. palettegear. com2.
Carmon mobile?
Click here to watch the video. Bublcam isa 360-
Degree camera to capture stills and videos.
WiFi is available and real is allowed-time streaming.
Creator l Technology Co. , Ltd.
Costtoprice: $579 is expected to be delivered: is may2018campaign in progress?
No, it ended on December. 14.
Place of order: Bublcam. com3.
Video click here the Sea King Star Song is promoted as a \"independent\" smart watch.
Unlike other smartwatches connected wirelessly with smartphones, Neptune Star Pine can make phone calls and send text messages without connecting the phone.
Creator: Neptune ComputerMontreal in Quebec
Estimated delivery price: $289Yes, until Dec. 21.
Where to order: www. neptunepine. com4.
This is portable, folding.
The Up device calls itself \"the first truly affordable 3d scanner in the world \".
\"It allows 3D objects to be scanned into a 3D computer model and then printed out using a 3D printer.
Creator: Matterform, Toronto, Ontario.
Estimated delivery time: February 2014 (price: $579)
Supporters of Indiegogo will receive their support in December or January. )
Is the activity going on?
No, it ended on April 30.
Where to order: www. matterform. net5.
Open source Arcade controller for Arcade ler?
The video opened by Howler click here-
Source arcade controller is a board that can connect joysticks, buttons and illuminate the trackball and spinner of your computer or console with LED lights to build a street cabinet, \"This will be the envy of any man --
It says on its website.
Creator: Josh Wolff, Calgary, Alta.
Price: $99 for the motherboard only to $309 for the controller plus four joysticks, 26 buttons, LEDs, power supplies and the expected delivery time required: March 2014 activity is in progress?
No, it ended on December. 8.
Where to order: www. wolfwareeng. com6.
The touch point of global mobile?
Touch gloves are described as a stylish \"premium\" leather glove where you can use touch screen devices such as tablets and smartphones when wearing.
Creator: Patrick Lumm, Toronto, Ontario.
Price: $74 expected delivery time: January 2014
No, it ended on December. 8.
Website: clothing. com7.
PrinterOn mobile?
Click here to watch the video Peachy Printer is a kit where people can assemble a 3D printer with software for $100, their computer\'s sound card and acrylic resin, when hit with laser precision will solidify.
This design is completely different from the typical 3D printer, which relies on motors and complex electronic devices and costs up to hundreds to thousands of dollars.
Author: Rinnovated Design, York, Sask.
Price: $100 expected delivery time: August 2014Sort of.
Where to order: www. peachyprinter. com.
While the events at Indiegogo and Kickstarter are officially over, just-
Customers who register on the website to find out when the company store will open will be invited to join the crowdfunding campaign through pledge management service Backerkit before Christmas.
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