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cube 3d printer goes on sale at currys & pc world

by:Tuowei     2019-08-11
The Cube enables the user to design a three-
Size the product and send the instructions of the design to the printer via Wi-
Connect from their computer or by plugging in a USB stick.
The cube then \"prints\" The design by establishing a fine layer of acrylic-Ding benzene (ABS)
Or lactic acid (PLA)
-Two types of plastic-form a 3D object.
While the print materials are hot out of the cartridge, they will soon cool down to form a hard resin.
\"Plug and play,\" Currys said. in-and-
The \"play simplicity\" of the cube allows anyone who uses it to start 3D printing right out of the box.
This printer comes with 25 free 3D printed files designed by professional artists and is compatible with Mac or Windows software that prepares additional files for printing from personal devices.
No cable, Cube Wi-
The Fi facility allows users to send prints directly from their computers.
The Cube costs £ 1,195 and has 5 colors to choose from
White, silver, pink, green and blue.
The cartridges are recyclable and packable, with 16 different colors, including bright and neutral colors, metal silver and \"light in the dark\" priced at £ 52 \". 80 each.
Change the World (
Or at least fix the train)
Low researcher development
Cost metal 3D printer human jellyfish crush robot test control group iOS 7 in creating robot in its own image: Apple admits iMessage glitch Email is the slowest form of customer service. The price of the cube is almost double that of the Velleman K8200 3D printer. Sold in July at electronic expert Maplin for £ 699.
However, the Velleman model is available in kit form and may not be suitable for non-
Technical user, while Cube claims to be the only 3D printer with secure authentication
Adults and children use at home.
While 3D printing has been in use for some time in the construction and aerospace industries, the introduction of these desktop 3D printing devices shows that the technology has finally entered the mainstream.
A report released today by Gartner, an analyst, predicts that shipments of 3D printers selling at less than $100,000 worldwide will grow by 49% in 2013 to 56,507 units.
Shipments will increase further in 2014, up 75% to 98,065 units, followed by almost double unit shipments in 2015.
\"While this is still an emerging market, there is an urgent need for hardware, software, and service providers to provide easier development speed and an increase in buyer interest thanks to the hype that exceeds the technical reality --to-
Use tools and materials to produce continuous high yield
\"High quality results,\" said Pete barryer, research director at Gartner.
\"Over the next 18 months, as prices, apps and features become more attractive, we expect consumers to move from curiosity about technology to finding reasons to justify the purchase.
Gartner predicts that by 2015, 7 of the 50 largest multinational retailers will sell 3D printers through physical stores and online stores.
\"A simple experience of the technology and the idea of using it will primarily drive manufacturers and enthusiasts rather than regular consumers to buy 3D printers,\" Basiliere said . \".
\"However, we expect a compelling consumer app-which can only be created at home with a 3D printer-to be put into use by 2016.
This app will be the most eye-catching use case for consumer 3D printing, will come from the work of manufacturers and other enthusiasts who push the envelope used by consumer 3D printing, and supported by manufacturers developing \"plug-ins\"and-play\' tools.
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