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Customize the personalized mouse prototype and find the extension model

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2017-11- 08 17: 27

customization is the improvement of brand quality and culture of enterprises, and it is also a richer and more reliable connotation of enterprises in the process of building brand culture system. For consumers, customizing any product is a very pleasant life experience. Standardized and large-scale products can never express themselves perfectly, so customized production comes into being. At present, many products are customized in the form of prototypes, and the mouse is no exception.

personalized mouse prototype customization is generally done by CNC machining, and its working principle is relatively simple-- It is by entering instructions into the CNC machining center, and then the cutter on the CNC equipment will move on the material according to the set path, and the extra material will be dropped, thus obtaining the prototype, commonly known as'White mold'. After the white mold is colored, it will become very beautiful and even more glorious than the product.

This is made by a customer of the extension model personalized mouse prototype, this mouse prototype is actually made of a variety of materials. It can be seen that there are ABS, acrylic, soft glue and other materials. The main processing method is CNC processing, but the soft glue is used in the vacuum compound mold. The customer received the prototype and was very satisfied with the effect. He told us that the mouse prototype gave a feeling of being tall.

personalized customization allows you to have your own fashion password, if you need to customize your mouse prototype, you can find the extension model.

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