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Customized product prototype-Provide you with 2 quotation schemes

by:Tuowei     2019-09-29
2019-02- 25 16: 45

Miss He from Chengdu, Sichuan searched online'Prototype production of products' I found the Shenzhen extension model and asked if I could make a robot prototype. As a professional prototype model customization manufacturer, Shenzhen extension model has rich experience in robot prototype customization, of course, this is a small case, so I asked Miss he what is the number of things to do? Is there a 3d drawing.

since Miss he has not cooperated with the extension model before, trust is not so high, so only a product prototype. When she sent the drawings, Cao Gong carefully evaluated her drawings and felt that it was not so difficult to process them? She asked if she needed the whole piece to be processed or disassembled. Miss he was surprised? Such a large robot prototype can be disassembled, because she is disassembled when processing in other product prototyping factories, and the prototype made is not so high in strength. So Miss he asked Cao what is the processing of the parts and the whole processing? When Cao Gong sent her the quotation, she found that the whole processing was much more expensive than the unpacking, and she still chose the unpacking processing.

It wasn't long before Miss he paid the advance payment. Production is required as soon as possible and completed within the specified date. few days later, Miss he received the robot prototype sent by the extension model. Although it was disassembled and processed, after careful treatment by the master of the manual department, she could not see the traces of splicing. Miss He highly praised the processing level of the Tuowei model, which is much better than the previous prototype factories.

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