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Customized prototype manufacturers-High cost performance

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2019-06- 11 10: 06

which is good for prototype customization manufacturers? Some time ago, a customer from Yunnan found a headlight prototype according to the Internet. Because this customer is not familiar with this aspect, the salesman explained to him the relevant common sense of the prototype, so that he understood what processing and molding method he wanted to use for the prototype, which process is better to choose.

because the prototype construction of headlights is very simple, it also has higher regulations on the strength level, so the CNC machining method is selected. However, after the customer saw the price, he felt that the price was particularly high. The Salesman of the prototype customization manufacturer told him that the extension model was processed with cnc high precision, which can guarantee 0 at the accuracy level. 03mm, although the price is slightly more expensive than the bank, but the quality should be much higher than the bank, so after considering the cooperation with the extension model.

extension model of prototype customization manufacturer is an insider in prototype manufacturing of auto parts, with 18 years of customization experience, it has been 5 years of cooperation with BYD. In the past 5 years, BYD's auto prototype suppliers have gone one batch after another. Tuowei is one of the few established suppliers of BYD, at the same time, there are 8 years of post-processing master, more than 50 CNC processing equipment, 24-hour processing and molding.

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