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Customized prototype model, choose a powerful manufacturer

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2018-08- 25 16: 10

usually in order to develop new products or participate in exhibitions, prototype model customization is required. If you customize the prototype model, most people want to choose a powerful prototype manufacturer. What kind of prototype manufacturer is powerful. Here is a small editor to explain it to you. Powerful prototype model customization manufacturers, the general equipment is more, because if there are more equipment, the faster the shipment speed will be. Due to the limitation of conditions, most prototype factories have only a few equipments, and prototype factories with ten equipments have already been counted as large in scale. The extension model has 55 CNC machining centers, much larger than the average prototype factory.

Secondly, there are powerful prototype model customization manufacturers and better processing equipment in the prototype industry, generally, the machining accuracy can only reach 0. About 1mm. With the introduction of the five-axis machine, the processing accuracy can reach 0. 1mm, able to provide customers with high-precision prototypes.

If you need to find a powerful prototype model customization manufacturer, you might as well choose the extension model, not only with more equipment, moreover, the processing accuracy of the equipment is also relatively high.

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