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Customized prototype model-Refuse inferior customers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2019-07- 11 09: 58

when many customers find the extension model consultation, the words they first asked were'Are you a manufacturer? Can the prototype model be customized? ' Regarding such problems, the extension model can be customized here again. Whether you need to make a appearance prototype, a structural prototype or a functional prototype, it is actually no difficulty, you only need to be able to provide the corresponding 3d drawings.

but the extension model is not fully received by any customer, like such inferior customers, they always find many prototype factories to compare prices, but they only pay attention to customers whose prices do not pay attention to quality. The extension model can help quote in the early stage, however, it is estimated that even the price will not be reported later. If it is such a customer, it is recommended to go to those small workshops to customize the prototype model, they can prototype at a lower cost.

It is really no difficulty to customize the prototype model, but manufacturers also need to make profits to survive. As a prototype factory with 18 years of experience, the monthly rent, utilities and wages are a big expense. If there is not enough profit support, it is difficult to go on. The small workshops are different. The equipment is less and everyone has several jobs at the same time, and the cost is relatively low.

formal prototype factories are all' carrot a' Therefore, the expenditure is relatively large, and the quality of the prototype made at the same time will be relatively high. If you have relevant requirements for a custom prototype model, please click online customer service

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