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Customized prototype model-Two shifts of processing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2019-06- 10 11: 41

general enterprises or individuals will first find a prototype factory to customize the prototype model after developing a new product. However, choosing a prototype factory is a process that is difficult to choose. After all, it does not understand the strength of the other party. I don't want to eat this loss. In fact, it is not difficult to distinguish between regular manufacturers and small manufacturers.

first look at the price, the price is low, and it feels completely unreasonable, that must be the quality of the prototype is not good, just do a perfunctory customer. Regular manufacturers attach great importance to the requirements of customers. In fact, the important thing is to conduct field visits. If you rely on feelings alone, you can deceive people. So be sure to polish your eyes when you want to customize your prototype model.

but there is a manufacturer's reputation in Shenzhen area called tuowei model very good, there are often foreign customers who cooperate with the extension model without experience, and the equipment is also very good. 55 CNC machining, five-axis machining, and no-car workshop, free three-dimensional testing for customers. There is also the professional guidance technology of CTO in the United States. If the customer is in a hurry to prototype, the prototype model can be customized for the customer in two shifts.

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