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Edmonton\'s inventors club borne out of necessity

by:Tuowei     2019-08-09
David Beida doesn\'t have a notebook for his 12-year-old invention.
Like everyone else, he\'s digital.
But he still remembers the product on openingpage, his first invention.
This is a hair brush that can distribute water when you squeeze the handle, making it easier for him to comb hishair.
Not now 34-year-
The old hair is messy.
On the contrary.
\"But often put the brush under the tap and it seems inefficient to brush onto my hair,\" Bayda said . \".
\"I think there must be a better way.
This creative attitude made Bayda stick to it, and about five years ago he found the team of Edmonton inventors.
\"I tried to find an invention Club in Edmonton but couldn\'t find it,\" he said . \".
\"I know there will be other inventors out there, and I would like to have a community group where we can get together, share our ideas and support each other.
Now, as many as 20 people meet every two to three months to share their knowledge.
The space for accepting a group of visionary people is also expanding.
Makerspaces and hackerspace continue to appear around the city.
Edmonton New Technology Association and others are located at 6740 121 Avenue.
Northwest, allows inventors to access everything from wood and metal machinery to electronic labs, pottery studios, and 3D printers.
Access to equipment is only one aspect of the group of inventors, Bayda said.
Members were also assisted with all the information from patents to marketing, intellectual property issues and distribution.
Bayda said the team members are working on a variety of projects, including male sanitary products, oil and gas technology, odor control and reduction products, and application development.
\"We have brought in people who have never been invented and others who have brought products to market, who have helped guide other inventors,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s about getting people together, trying to bring an idea to the market and put it into practice.
\"Sharing your thoughts has more to gain than sharing what it will lose.
\"Once people realize how much time, money, resources and energy you have to put into making an idea and putting it into practice, people will quickly avoid it.
The secret of the invention, Bayda said, is perseverance.
\"The most difficult thing is to really work on your product and know how to make it come to life,\" he said . \".
\"I think people may give up too early or underestimate the price of keeping it going.
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