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Electrical prototype model-Accuracy 0. 01mm Strictly Confidential

by:Tuowei     2019-09-28
2019-03- At 10: 24

one purpose of making an electrical prototype model is to look at the appearance and look well, and you can add a few good impressions to the customer's heart. There is a big visual difference between looking at pictures and looking at pictures in the computer. Looking at objects is more intuitive and looking at pictures in the computer is more objective. If you look directly at the pictures in the computer, open the mold, if something goes wrong, it will cause irreparable losses, but if you try to make a prototype first, then there will be no irreparable losses and you can correct them in time.

some time ago, a customer came to the extension dimension model, he wants to find a prototype model of the electric appliance, which is the kind of charging treasure and metal. The main purpose of the customer's prototype is to make a light charging treasure. This charging treasure is processed by cnc, because it is a portable charging treasure, so it is necessary to make a small one with high precision. In view of this requirement, Tuowei intends to adopt five-axis machining with a precision of up to 0. 01. Is a good helper for making small prototypes. After listening to the advice of Tuowei, the customer was very satisfied. He made a bill, paid the money and sent the drawings. After discussing with the engineer, the plan was summarized.

first make an electrical prototype model on this drawing. First, the cnc equipment is processed, and the programming language is input into the computer to control the processing. The cnc is processed according to the specified path to make the prototype. Then get the manual processing department for manual polishing. There will be many edges and knife marks on the prototype surface after cnc machining. It needs to be polished with sandpaper to scrape the edges off. Then there is fuel injection. The extension model invited a professional us cto as the technical director. There is advanced fuel injection technology, and the surface of the product is particularly delicate. Better than other factories. And tuowei also has professional confidential software. Without the general manager, others can't open it.

so if you feel that you are not at ease with looking for another factory to make an electrical prototype model, you can try the extension model and provide professional services, one-stop service is provided, and you are satisfied with the package!

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