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elon musk unveils \'iron man\'-like design tech for spacex rockets

by:Tuowei     2019-09-05
Series innovator Elon Musk is known for his true reputationLife Tony Stark
In a new video, Musk presents a very cool \"Iron Man \"--
Just like the technology at his fingertips in the rocket.
The lab of his company, SpaceX.
Two weeks ago, Musk wrote casually on Twitter: \"A video of designing rocket parts with gestures will be released and printed immediately with titanium.
\"The video tour of Masco futuristic design technology shows this.
Musk first showed how he grabbed, rotated, and amplified the wireframe model of the SpaceX Merlin rocket engine on a computer screen, simply waving his hands.
He then showed how to operate the full CAD model of the rocket engine on a larger screen-
If the user is wearing special glasses, the 3D version.
Popular news: Google Cloud service breaks missing Virginia Beach shooting protesters in Connecticut state interrupt Harris Elon Musk, it even shows how he works on a stand-alone glass projection overlooking the SpaceX workspace like high tech.
Science and Technology \"Iron Man\" superhero movie.
People usually interact with computers in an \"unnatural 2D way\", Musk said, but SpaceX is developing an interface to solve the problem.
Musk said in the video: \"I believe we are about to make a major breakthrough in design and manufacturing, to be able to extract the concept of something from your mind, and visually turn it into a 3D object on the computer.
\"But wait, there\'s more.
Musk also showed how to make a virtual rocket.
The part design is true through 3D printing.
Using a 3D laser metal printer, Musk shows how SpaceX builds a layer after layer of titanium particles to make a low-temperature valve housing.
Musk is a busy entrepreneur.
He recently unveiled his vision for a future \"super cycle\" transportation system that can ship passengers from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 35 minutes, he announced, he will travel around the country on electric cars made by Tesla Motors, another company he founded.
At the same time, SpaceX has $1.
6 billion signed a contract with NASA to provide 12 unmanned shipments to the International Space Station.
So far, it has successfully completed two of these flights.
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