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emerging applications of bedside 3d printing in plastic surgery

by:Tuowei     2019-08-14
Modern imaging technology is an important part of preoperative planning for plastic surgery and reconstruction surgery.
However, the traditional way includesdimensional (3D)
Reconstruction is limited by their representation on 2D workstations.
3D printing, also known as rapid prototyping or additive manufacturing, used to be an industrial field for making models with computers --aided design (CAD)in a layer-by-layer manner.
Early adopters in clinical practice have received medical imaging --guided 3D-
Printed biological models are able to provide tactile feedback and have a better understanding of the visual spatial relationship between anatomical structures.
As accessibility increases, researchers are able to convert standard imaging data into CAD files using a variety of 3D reconstruction software, and ultimately make 3D models using 3D printing technology, such as stereo forming, laser sintering with multi-jet selection, adhesive injection technology and modeling of molten deposition.
Many clinicians, however, question whether the costto-
The benefit ratio proves that it is reasonable to use continuously.
Over the past decade, the cost and size of 3D printers have fallen rapidly with the expiration of key 3D printing patents.
Significant improvements in clinical imaging and users
Friendly 3D software for computers allowed
In many cases, 3D modeling of anatomical structures and implants can be assisted without outsourcing.
These developments provide great potential for bedside 3D printing applications in a variety of clinical applications.
In this review, the existing use of 3D printing in plastic surgery practice covers the formation of surgical templates from facial transplants to custom cranial facial implants to optimize postoperative
The aesthetic of surgery is described.
In addition, we discussed the potential of 3D printing to become an important office
Basic tools for plastic surgery to assist in preoperative planning, development of tools for guiding during surgery, teaching of patients and surgical trainees, and production of patients
Specific prosthetic limbs in daily surgical practice.
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