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Encyclopedia of matters needing attention in prototype programming of trimming punching plate

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2013-03- 20 21: 45

1. Determine the benchmark of the trimming convex plate and the number of pressing bodies. Thick direction. 2. Check the center line of the punching board in the position of the plate to avoid errors. 3. Check the trimming convex and concave plate of the lower plate, the concave panel insert of the upper plate and the machining allowance of the non-standard punching convex plate. 4. When finishing the convex and concave surface and pressing surface, the step distance of the tool shall not be greater than 0. 4mm. 5. The trimming edge of the lower plate convex and concave plate and its upper punching concave plate cutting edge are processed to the size as the assembly benchmark. . 6. The lower plate waste knife should be assembled in the upper and lower plate trim and the right gap, and the position should be determined and returned to NC for processing. . The essentials of waste knife programming. . The upper surface of the waste knife is pressed into the inner surface of the drawing piece (Extended convex and concave plate surface) In particular, the side wall of the scrap knife is used as the positioning surface for programming and processing. B. The upper part of the scrap knife is 5mm lower than the cutting line of the convex and concave plate. (After the face milling, press the cutting edge to mill 5mm)C. When CNC machining the scrap blade, leave 0 according to the corresponding position. 1mm research and distribution gap dosage. 7. According to the current situation of the company, due to tool wear, operation and block quenching and deformation, it is necessary to leave a certain margin when processing the cutting edge to avoid excessive blanking clearance. Less than 1mm after the material can be taken according to the following amount, the material thickness is greater than 2. Mm can process both the convex plate and the concave plate according to the 0 line. . The cutting edge of the blanking board, the straight part of each side left 0. 1mm, leave 0 on each side of the complex shape and small fillet. 2mm B. The edge of the trimming plate, the straight surface of each side left 0. 1-0. 2mm, leave 0 on each side of the surface. 2-0. 3mm, leave 0 at the inclined vertical wall. 3mm. Generally, the cutting edge below 1mm is thick, leaving 0 on each side. 1mm is polished, leaving allowance for quenching deformation. It is difficult to control the clearance of the curved edge, and the fitter is required to carry out research and distribution, leaving a certain margin. 8. The relationship between the lower plate waste knife and the upper plate knife block must be viewed in the DL diagram. (Cut-in diagram). The trimming knife block of the adjacent cutting waste knife on the upper plate is processed according to the picture to avoid the open shape. (Refer to the following figure)Some users use a general cut-in volume of 7mm. B. The difference between the two adjacent pieces of the upper plate cutting waste is 5mm, and the small milling cutter is used as far as possible. After the block is removed, the fitter cleans the root. 9. The width of the trim blade should not be greater than 30mm. When the width is too wide, the cutting edge height should be 10-20mm, 15mm is generally used. . As far as possible, the cutting edge is machined on the NC equipment, and the milling and opening program must be compiled. 10. Press Body: a. The programming of pressing body surface and the concave plate of the drawing board consider the material thickness offset direction of the workpiece, B. Press the profile of the material in vitro and leave 0 on each edge of the trimming concave edge. 3-0. 5mm gap programming processing ,. Or programmed according to the size of the prototype. The holes in the upper punching hole are left 0 on each side of the punching convex plate. 3-0. 5mm clearance. The material thickness is greater than 1. 5 Take the material, the material thickness is small, and the material thickness is 0. The following is no gap. C. Size of the structure of the upper plate seat and the side pin of the press body relationship between the side pin diameter d the upper plate with the aperture DH8 press body lock hole D2 press body empty slot R empty slot depth

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