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Engineering students develop low-cost 3D printer | Mysuru News - Times of India

by:Tuowei     2019-09-09
Mysore: seven engineering students from the National Institute of Engineering
Information Technology (NIE-IT)
School of Engineering, Dhaka (VVCE)
Developed a low3D printer.
Nikhil Furtado, one of the panelists from VVCE, said he was inspired by many reports on the Internet, especially on the recovery of female skulls.
But it costs a lot.
So we decided to develop a device at low cost and we had to cancel the mold for that.
\"The equipment we developed in last August cost Rs 40,000, while the other 3D printers cost Rs 1,\" he claimed . \".
Chethan\'s Nirvana ~
IT, which designs electronic parts, says: \"If 3D printers are used every day, the cost of the mold is about 1,00, 000 rupees.
So we developed this machine without mold.
\"This machine is used for prototyping and can be used in architecture, industrial design, automotive, aerospace, military, engineering, civil engineering, dental and medical fields, fashion, he added: \"footwear and jewelry, glasses, education, geographic information systems, food and human tissue replacements. \".
\"We have removed L-
This will extend the process.
We use metal, concrete, different types of plastic such as SLS plastic.
\"The task of designing, assembling and connecting electronic components is critical,\" he said . \".
\"According to our design requirements, it is challenging to maintain the heat uniformity of the molten material bed and the function of the electronic components.
It took about three months to develop the technology.
In the future, we want to reduce the thickness of the layer in order to give it a good finish.
We also want to expand it. . . \" he stated. NIE-
C. Vidya Raj, head of IT, said the technology costs a lot
Effective, even to help ordinary people.
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