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Enhancing breast projection in autologous reconstruction using the St Andrew\'s coning technique and 3D volumetric analysis

by:Tuowei     2019-08-09
Background: An increasing number of women undergoing breast cancer mastectomy and autologous breast reconstruction after mastectomy have been shown to significantly improve the mental health of patients.
The goal of treatment is to achieve symmetry and projection in the case of unilateral reconstruction to match the inherent breast and/or the opposite side breast.
Autologous reconstruction, especially with deep upper abdominal artery (DIEP)
The flap is particularly advantageous because it can be manipulated to mimic the shape and swelling of the natural breast.
However, to date, few techniques have been reported to shape the breast cone when DIEP flap is implanted to enhance aesthetic effects.
There are three assistants. dimension (3D)
Photography and 3D
As a guide to surgery, we describe our St Andrew coning technique to create personalized flap projections.
Methods: We reported a prospective case series of 3 delayed unilateral breast reconstruction cases where no symmetry procedure was shown for the opposite breast.
Using a commercial 3D scanner (
Vectra xr of Canfield Scientific)
Imaging of breast areas.
The mirror is 3D.
Print inside using a desktop 3D printer.
Results: in all cases, the projection of the breast mound can be safely realized, with a central volume (or \'cone\')
Able to highlight on imaging and 3D printed breasts.
During surgery, 3D printing of the opposite breast can be used to guide the surgical approach.
Conclusion: St Andrew\'s coning technique is a useful aesthetic technique to realize breast projection in the process of breast reconstruction with DIEP flap, and 3D imaging technique can help to evaluate breast volume during the perioperative period.
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