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era of print and eat predicted

by:Tuowei     2019-08-22
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 1/8/2015 (1401 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
The people who are still in the garden are rather eccentric about food and technology.
We plant seeds to help them grow and harvest (
Cooking optional).
It is usually just picked and eaten.
But a series of summaries recently released by the science for innovation conference hosted by the Institute of Food Technology (IFT)
In Chicago, we recommend not picking food in the future, but printing food --
Use a 3D printer.
According to Hod Lipson, professor of engineering and co-professor at Columbia University
The author of the book is fabrication: a new world of 3D printing, a technology that is perfect for the food industry.
\"Food printing may be a killer application for 3D printing,\" Lipson said in a report published by the Institute of Food Technology.
Imagine celebrating the Canadian Food Festival today, getting your friends and neighbors to choose from a large online recipe database, inserting cartridges containing ingredients into a 3D printer, and creating custom dishes for each guest
American food technology expert Mary ScarboroughS.
Research and Development and Engineering Center of Army soldiers (NSRDEC)
Quality in Nautica.
In the next 25 years, the military said at the meeting that it is nutritious to customize delicious food using 3D printing --
Can be tailored according to the special needs of soldiers.
According to these reports, there are still a few obstacles to overcome: the cost of bringing the technology to remote areas, the logistics of getting it to work in those places, and the food that really tastes good in print.
\"If the food is not good, it will not be eaten,\" said Scerra . \".
This led to another major innovation in food technology discussed at the meeting. those petri-
A hamburger made with cow stem cells made its debut a few years ago.
About $30,000 per bite, tastes almost the same as the real thing. Mark J.
Post, head of physiology and Professor of Vascular Physiology and tissue engineering at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, reports that he has achieved some consistent-looking achievements so far, the texture and color of traditional groundbeef burger —
But the taste is a bit insufficient.
He said at the meeting that he was confident in the recipe for his $300,000 delicious burger.
About $65 per kilogram
Once the taste improves, he believes there will be a market for those who don\'t like to eat animals.
Other speakers are promoting
Meat proteins such as algae, quinoa and beans.
But people elsewhere in the world have found the preferred alternative to animal protein.
According to Reuters, 1 kg of crickets in the Kinsa market cost $50, more than double the price of local beef.
Bugs are rich in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals as food sources increasefat.
Obviously, they taste good too.
Efforts to increase the supply of insects are under way --
Something that goes against the spirit of North America.
The possibilities are interesting.
In this case, it seems logical for corn sticks with worms to be considered value-added.
It\'s hard to say where it all goes
Except for the recurring theme that people want food that tastes good.
People can\'t help but wonder, whether all the efforts used to make food that tastes like food or to feed soldiers in war will not focus better on how to turn these soldiers back into citizens to eat at home with their families.
Laura Lance, editor of the Manitoba cooperation organizationoperator.
204 can contact her. 792-
4382 or send by email: laura @ fbcpublithing. com.
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