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Estes Proto X- Cheap Quad Copter Under $40!

by:Tuowei     2019-08-07
Estes Proto X comments-
The first thing you\'ll notice about Estes Proto X is its small size.
Since it only measures 1, you can easily put it in your hand. 8 inches by 1. 8 inches.
This quadcopter has 4 blades and is easy to stay stable during flight due to its openingPlate gyro.
The Estes Proto X kit includes four helicopters, a remote control, a USB cable charging the four helicopters, and a set of spare blades.
I know why you need spare blades when I first fly.
I ran into something and bent the blade.
It turns out that all 4 blades are different, so you need to find the correct replacement blade.
Proto X takes 20 to 30 minutes to charge using the computer\'s USB port.
After fully charging, the flight time is about 5 minutes.
Proto X can really move.
It is very light and can speed up quickly in any direction.
There is a bar on the left side of the control to control the vertical position (up/down).
If you move the stick on the leftto-
Side, it controls the pendulum.
The right bar controls the forward/backward/left/right direction of flight.
good feature of the remote control is that the digital trim control settings trim is an important part of the flight prototype X.
If you see Proto X drift forward and right when the control is in a neutral position, you can adjust the trim so that it hovers in the appropriate position, making it easier to control.
It takes a little practice to learn to control prototype X.
I suggest starting with the big room in the room
I use my garage.
You can fly X outside, but the wind will make it hard to fly.
Also, the range of the remote control is quite limited, so you can\'t fly it too far.
I would say that Proto X is a bit challenging to control compared to the aerial pig helicopter I am driving.
But flying is definitely fun and I\'m looking forward to practicing more.
The prototype X may be small, but it\'s easy to spot when you\'re driving it.
About 10 LED lights.
The front is blue and the back is red.
It looks like a UFO and it can change direction so quickly that it seems to go against physics.
How much does Proto X cost?
The new Proto X costs $40.
This includes four helicopters, remote control, charging cable and additional blades.
What is the flight time of Proto X?
Proto X can fly for about 5 minutes on a single charge.
How long does it take to charge the Proto X?
It takes about 20-using the USB port cable-
Charge Proto X for 30 minutes
Proto X flight TipsLet Flying X gets full charge before Flying.
When the Proto X is fully charged, the LED light on the USB charging cable will be turned off.
Adjust trim.
When you lift off for the first time, try to maintain a stable hover state and pay attention to how the prototype X drifts.
Press the trim button in the opposite direction on the remote to correct the drift.
For example, if you notice Proto X forward drift, press the forward/backward trim control in the back direction.
If you notice the Proto X drift to the right, press left/right trim controls on the left.
You may need to adjust the trim after the collision.
Practice in a big room with no obstacles.
garage or gym is a great place to get familiar with the controls.
Proto X can really move and you need some space to see what it can do.
Familiar with the pendulum control, the left bar rotates the Proto X in different directions.
One of the challenges of driving Proto X is tracking the way forward.
The front is a blue light.
Whenever you want the Proto X to be oriented in the direction you want, you can rotate it.
Just move the left bar to the left or right to make it rotate.
Protection blade-
Add the blade bumper or move the left stick down to cut off the power when you are about to touch the obstacle.
When you hit an obstacle with a blade, the blade may be damaged or fly away and lost.
If Proto X does not fly directly, check if there is hair or pet fur wrapped in one or more of the blades.
You may need to remove the blade and check for any problems.
Also check the curved blade.
Sometimes curved blades can be bent into shape.
Reset level stability: If you are having trouble finding a trim setting that can provide good control, try resetting the level stability.
Power the controller when The Proto X is powered on and stays on the level and make sure it is connected to the Proto X.
Hold the stick on the left and go to the right.
Move the left bar back and forth (left/right)
About five times faster.
The blue light on Proto X flashes after reset.
This may help you control the Proto X and keep it flying horizontally.
The propeller blades are marked \"\" or \"B \".
The label is molded into plastic near the center of the blade-
The label is small and hard to see.
When replacing the blade, the blade must be replaced with the correct type-either or B.
Proto X has a label on the board next to each motor that says \"a\" or \"B \".
If you know to look for the label on the blade, look for the label next to the motor, you can install the blade correctly without trial and error. . .
If your prototype X seems to have trouble facing the same direction --
In other words, it rotates when you don\'t move the left stick to the left or right --
Remove the blade one at a time and check if there is a small amount of hair or pet fur that may slightly reduce the rotation of one of the blades.
The original point is a little waterproof!
I accidentally bumped my prototype X into a cat water bowl.
The Proto X part was flooded for a few seconds and one of the motors was completely submerged under water.
I immediately turned off the power and carefully removed the water droplets with paper towels.
I let it dry for 24 hours before powering up again-
It works fine!
Estes Proto X upgrade Proto X includes everything you need to fly (
In addition to the 2 AAA batteries of the remote control).
When you drive it, you may want to add something to your prototype X.
I continued to order the other two sets of blades from Amazon for about $5 per set.
Another upgrade I purchased was the bumper shield for the blade.
This blade shield is a very lightweight plastic piece made on a 3D printer.
This should help protect the blade.
I have managed to bend one blade and lost another.
Proto X blade guard is available on eBay for around $5. I found a 2-pack for $8.
50 and chose to shine-in-the-
Dark green and black options.
If you happen to have a 3D printer, you can print your own blade protector using this 3D printer file.
If you don\'t have your own 3D printer, you can buy these lightweight blade guards on eBay for about $5 per unit.
The future upgrade I will consider is the replacement of the hubx controller.
The Proto X controller is small and convenient for packing and handling Proto X, but it is a bit difficult to use.
The Hub san controller is compatible with Proto X and has some additional features such as full size knobs and programmable speed limit.
The Hub san control also supports advanced tricks such as performing a flip.
$25, which could be a good way to get into Proto X\'s more advanced controls.
Why do I like Estes Proto XI, I have been using Proto X every day since I got it.
The flight is very interesting because it is very small so it can easily fly indoors.
The fact that the flight was a bit challenging made me happy.
I like to practice moving where I want and land on small objects.
I like my cat buzzing too!
It\'s more fun than playing with my cat with a laser indicator.
The Proto X is packed neatly in a small box.
It is easy to carry work or travel with you. etc.
You can use it both indoors and outdoors.
One of my favorite things about Proto X is its low cost.
You can get the complete system for less than $40.
You can upgrade but the upgrade is cheap.
You can fly a remote control helicopter for very little money.
If you\'re interested in a slightly larger, more functional quadcopter, check out the hub san X4 quadcopter.
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