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Even Paytm and OLX love co-working spaces

by:Tuowei     2019-09-09
Operate from a colleague
Working space is becoming the norm for Indian companies, not the exception, especially start-
Ups and small businesses.
Most companies and individuals choose to share the workplace for cost benefits
Effective infrastructure, simple mobility and flexible working hours, the ability to expand and reduce the number of people, and access to a diverse pool of talent and guidance.
Interestingly, not only are young companies, but some established companies also opt out of cooperation.
Working space designed to rapidly expand the scale of services.
What are the key benefits of driving different companies out of cooperation?
Working space and the resulting level of cost savings
The workspace enables Paytm to quickly upgrade its team in Bengaluru, saving the company time to build a new office and avoiding the hassle of facility management thereafter.
More than 100 of its employees work from the company
Working space Innov8 Bangalore.
According to Abhishek Rajan, deputy
The mission of the president of Paytm, Bengaluru team, is to design the product within a tight deadline.
Core teams need a high level of collaboration
Ensure the highest productive energy working environment.
And work in a cooperative company.
The workplace has helped Paytm further develop a culture of openness and collaboration.
In addition, the prime location of Innov8 has helped the company attract top talent in the industry.
For many enterprises, the main drivers of choosing cooperation
Working space is a significant savings in the cost of building and maintaining infrastructure.
OLX online market by co-
Working spaces in cities such as Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.
It turns out it\'s cost.
Krishna Kishore Mallina, regional sales manager at OLX, said that since the company does not need to bear the cost of infrastructure, it is effective.
If OLX chooses to rent a space of its own in a city like Mumbai, it will have to pay around £ 1 per month for rent expenses.
However, by choosing to work in a shared workplace, the company is able to register the cost savings to 50.
Nihal Kashinath, CEO of Applied, said his company provides customers with technical solutions including the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.
The company needs a lot of hardware support to cater to its customers.
All of this requires expensive equipment and tools to be installed, and for companies like him it is not feasible to work with freelancers.
Therefore, the application singularity needs to provide space for flexible working environment and hardware support.
For example, buying a 3D printer costs almost £ 200.
In addition, the company must bear the maintenance and labor costs to run the printer.
However, since his team is run by a co-worker
Working space, the team will end up spending only £ 5 k on occasional 3Dled task. Basically, together
The workspace provides entrepreneurs with the option to conduct their business without locking in a large amount of working capital, and by investing in the products or services provided, gives them the room they need to scale up their business.
Shopmatic, chief marketing officer, Shehnaz Bapooji, agrees and points out the Union
The workspace allows for flexible expansion based on its own conditions, rather than getting stuck with fixed costs.
Infrastructure aside
Led cost savings, need to be part of a specific ecosystem, which also drives companies to choose to collaborateworking spaces.
The founder network platform F6 S is a good example.
Based on a common
The workspace gives companies the opportunity to stay in touch with the ecosystem at any time.
\"Working in Creator\'s Gurukul helps the team get as close to the start as possible --Ups as much as possible.
So we understand what founders think, what they need, and their culture.
All of this helps to understand start-
Ups, enabling us to come up with relevant solutions to help solve their problems, \"explains Nitin Bajaj, head of state of F6 s India.
Guidance and networking opportunities are two other key factors driving the choice of cooperation among relatively new businessesworking spaces.
Network is the advantage brought togetherworking spaces.
\"The ecosystem of people, companies and industries is very diverse.
\"You never know who you will meet or how you can work together,\" said Rashi Menda, founder of Zapyle . \".
Her company is part of a cooperative company.
Work space called Coworks.
Pooja Bhayana, co-
Let\'s also acknowledge this with the founder of Indian barter.
She said that in the early stages her business was able to achieve its marketing goals as it benefited greatly from the word of mouth of the Co-op, public relations support and business cooperation in the community
Innov8 Bangalore working space.
For StyleDotMe founder Meghna Saraogi, come to Delhi from a small place like Indore and work in a shared workplace for those with different backgrounds
With the participation of successful entrepreneurs in the special session, the event has become a great source of learning opportunities and value added.
The most important thing is to start
Ups has also received from co-in the fields of technology and design-
Free working space. For many, co-
The workspace is not just a collection of companies, but
A united, strong community, ready to share their material resources and provide guidance through experienced leaders in group meetings, special meetings and industry events.
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