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Experience of prototype model making factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2019-01- 04 16: 50

Today is Monday, the beginning of a week, and I am passionate about this wonderful beginning. I'm waiting, I'm looking. I know that something must be discovered by us. I know that something is destined to be ours. At the beginning of the prototype model production factory, I am growing up like several newcomers.

In the past three months, brad constantly teaches us some knowledge that we have never touched before, but they are closely related to our lives. Nowadays, this knowledge has become the cornerstone of my work. We also need this knowledge to continue to grow in order to have a promising future in the prototype factory.

I have always believed that we have come all the way, they all need help from others. From small to large, we need teachers to teach us knowledge, care and care from parents, and constant encouragement from friends. I came to the prototype factory and I also got a lot of help from everyone. Brad, Sandy, Alex, Vicky. Colleagues in the department have taught us a lot. How to negotiate with customers, how to use related software, how to develop customers, how to become a real foreign trade salesman. We are not only colleagues, but also friends. Share your work experience together and share your happiness. The continuous growth also needs to learn more things and learn endlessly. This old saying is correct.

for the future, for the future of the extension model, I am also very optimistic. The company's system is constantly improving, and the company's potential is also very huge. It is bright for the future. I am willing to grow with the prototype factory, my eyes are shining, my heart is shaking, my blood is boiling. I know it's time for us to move forward together. I am excited, and the model is also excited.

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