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experimenting with 3-d jewelry

by:Tuowei     2019-09-01
In the past decade
The D printer has become part of the jeweler kit, a fast and effective way to test design and provide customization to consumers.
Many designers are now breaking through the boundaries of technology and discovering that it opens new doors to achieving their creativity.
When Alice Cicolini and Melanie georgaopoulos decided to start a collaborative project focusing on design experiments rather than business, they chose 3-
Because they are not familiar with each other, they are specially printed.
\"We want to challenge ourselves,\" she said . \"
George acopoulos, he\'s like her.
London, London-
Designers and Goldsmiths. “3-
D. printing is embedded in the industry as a useful tool, and we want to explore if it can print an object that you can pick up and wear out, \"Ms.
Secolini added: \"It is important for both of us that we make what we cannot create in any other way. ”Indeed, Ms.
Cicoolini\'s necklace, a complex combination of her iconic Lotus and dome patterns, with a variety of 3-
D. printing technology, wear and tear can be very heavy if it is made of gold and gems.
After months of research and trial-and-error, the technology also allowed her to try patterns and colors in ways that her traditional glazing technology could not do.
The design of the production of monochrome and color versions, she is particularly attracted by the ceramic process, in the ceramic process, four
When the color pattern is printed on the pellet ceramic bed, it can be applied precisely to the workpiece.
\"The model I created cannot be related to infatuation,\" she said . \". Ms.
Georgacopoulos improvised her pearl work.
Her necklace is made up of 35 different pearls, printed with resin
A round sphere shaped like a diamond.
These links are connected by clicking together to form the completed part.
After 14, she was prompted to create a blue version. 62-
The kraoppenheimer Blue Diamond became the most expensive jewelry at Christie\'s auction in Geneva.
\"I think this is a good time to think about what jewelry value means . \"
Said Georgacopoulos.
\"If you print something in plastic, it will last forever like a diamond.
Why is one valuable and the other worthless?
\"The designer creation exhibition by curator André Cook at the private club Morton in Mayfair, London, sparked a conversation about value, in the jewelry space, traditionally related to gold and carat weight, not to design.
\"In other disciplines, there is much more recognition of design value . \"Cicolini said.
\"You don\'t look at Patricia uquila\'s chair, and you don\'t think about the basic material.
\"Despite the unexpected complexity and cost of the project (Ms.
George acopoulos says the cost of printing a necklace is about £ 1,000 pounds, or $1,245)
The couple are improving their technology and design to extend the project to a limited collection
More affordable version.
\"This is only the first chapter . \"
Said Georgacopoulos.
Boltenstern is the first designer to create direct printing month-
Precious metal jewelry. The Berlin-
As a jewelry designer, she applied her experience in architectural, engineering and computational design to create resonance, a gold and platinum collection, A complex network of individually designed links inspired by fish and reptiles scales to ensure mobility and suitability.
\"On the one hand, the scales are very hard and protective, and on the other hand, they are fully adapted to the surface of the body,\" she said . \".
Central work in collection, 18-
Karat gold\'s wide bracelet retails for about 28,000 euros, or about $29,935, and is printed for 20 hours on a machine developed by Cooksongold, a jewelry equipment supplier in Birmingham, UK.
The printer makes parts by melting gold, silver, or platinum powder layer by layer with a precise laser.
It will be very expensive to make a pattern-intensive, complex hinge system by hand, and time is tightconsuming, Ms.
Said Boltenstern.
However, she noted that,
Edge technology must be combined with traditional technology to ensure highlevel finish.
Her father\'s jewelry company Boltenstern in Vienna has experienced craftsmen who, once each piece is printed in full, are polished by hand and inlaid with gems if requested by the customer.
\"Without another one, one can\'t work,\" she said . \".
Multi-disciplinary designer Ron Arad who has been using 3-
Since 2000, he has shown a series of jewelry, lighting and vases \"not made by hand, not made in China\" and has agreed to use the technology wisely.
\"It has to be something new to suggest to the world, something that has never been done before,\" he said . \".
\"You can\'t because 3-
Brownie cake printed.
But if they taste better and are better for you, go ahead.
\"The Victoria and Albert Museum were criticized for buying a 3-
On 2013, he warned against using the technology for his own benefit.
\"It\'s just a tool.
\"I also appreciate the rasp and the exercises, but they are not the main thing,\" he said . \".
Earlier this year, he launched a limited edition series with Louisa Guinness in London --
Jewelry dealers created by artists and designers.
There are 3 of his Ingo earrings.
D. printed nylon spiral that the wearer can stretch, concertina-
Form a tight ball shape along gold or silver bars or compression.
He also used computer modeling technology to print a gold ring for a couple whose name changed from one to the other around the band.
His latest project with MS
Guinness uses simple foil as a mold.
\"Give me your finger and I will make a foil ring that will fit your hand perfectly,\" he said . \".
\"I will take it out of your hand, scan it and print it out with gold.
In the traditional environment of the Grove Diamond Mayfair workshop, 3-
D. The printing also found its location.
In addition to the 65 artisans who hand-made high-grade jewellery work on the bench, three classic-trained goldsmiths and diamond artisans have mastered the skills to use computers
Auxiliary design and company status-of-the-art 3-D printers.
\"These machines go beyond what the human eye can see and what the human hand can do with a saw rack,\" said Sam Shirley, Graff\'s technical director . \".
\"You can work in microns on your computer;
This resolution is not possible on the bench.
For him and his boss, Raymond Graff, director of the company, the members of the Sir are of vital importance
Shirley\'s team is traditionally trained, not an IT specialist hired just to operate the technology. Their in-
An in-depth understanding of jewelry production means that they can use it as an additional tool to create precise solutions for complex designs while maintaining artistic integrity.
\"Our primary goal is to make beautiful jewelry,\" he said . \"
\"We want the stone to speak for ourselves.
\"The company uses CAD and 3-
D. printing so far
Shirley said it has been collecting snow.
The first jewelry watch made its debut at the Baselworld fair, the result of months of making a highly flexible bracelet covering diamonds.
\"We want something that feels very natural on our skin and we think technology can help us,\" he said . \"Sherry said.
The team created a new, precise joint style that ensures the flexibility and brightness of the watch.
The next step is to create an intensive blueprint for the entire watch with tiny, individually designed sets and joints of 700 to 800 designed to achieve perfect positioning for diamond settings.
Then printed with liquid resin, cast with fine gold, like a traditional losswax casting.
In the last Labor
Intensive steps, craftsmen hand-complete each component to a height
The quality of the watch is completed before assembly.
In order to avoid the understandable confusion on the bench in this clumsy component maze, the printing process also allows each component to be marked with a tiny reference number, which can only be seen through the blinds and found on the blueprint.
This combination design, which is easy to copy and adapt to different uses on the computer, was later translated into earrings and will show more snow jewelry and watches at Baselworld in March 2017. For Mr.
Graff, 3-make it possible for mathematical precision
D. printing goes hand in hand with traditional jewellery craft, an opportunity not to be missed: \"You will end up being left behind if you don\'t advance the technology.
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