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Explain the oxidation knowledge of Qiaotou prototype factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2019-04- At 10: 45

Today, Xiaobian will tell you about the oxidation process of the prototype model! Most of this process is used on the aluminum alloy prototype, which can increase the color. The following bridgehead prototype factory introduces you to the drawing process of the aluminum alloy prototype model, hoping to help you.

aluminum alloy is a common processing material in Qiaotou prototype factory. now one of the more common in prototyping, it has the advantages of good strength and light quality; It is also convenient to do surface treatment, such as sandblasting and oxidation; Oxidation of wire drawing; Spray powder; Paint can be processed! These processes can make the prototype model of aluminum alloy look more beautiful!

after drawing the general aluminum alloy prototype, the bridgehead prototype factory needs to do a layer of oxidation on the prototype surface! It is used to prevent chemical reactions between the prototype surface and air contact, cause color changes, and can be made into various colors to improve the beauty!

bridgehead prototype factory has 17 years of customization experience in the prototype industry,, the five-axis machine is processed 24 hours a day, usually 3 ~ 5 days can be shipped, the accuracy is 0. 01mm. If you want to make the oxidation effect of the aluminum alloy prototype more beautiful, you might as well contact the extension model.

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