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Extension share the common failure features of CNC milling machines with CNC Machining Prototype Model

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2013-03- 08 21: 54

extension share the common fault features of CNC milling machines for CNC Machining Prototype Model

common faults of CNC milling machines are divided into electrical faults and mechanical faults. If the operator cannot distinguish these two types of faults, it is difficult to eliminate the faults in time so that the milling machine can return to normal working conditions smoothly.

if there are many electrical failures in the following cases:

1. There is no brake when the spindle stops

2. There is a short reverse rotation after the spindle stops

3, after pressing the stop button, the spindle does not stop

4. The Workbench cannot do longitudinal feeding movement

5. The Workbench cannot do upward feeding movement

6. All directions of the Workbench cannot be fed.

7. The Workbench cannot be moved quickly.

If the following conditions occur, it is mostly mechanical. fault

1. The feed motor works normally, however, the vertical, horizontal and vertical directions of the Workbench cannot be moved quickly

2. The feed movement of the Workbench is discontinuous, in milling, it is especially serious

3. Start the general feed movement of the workbench, while fast moving

4. When starting the feed movement, when smoking in the feeding box

5, when the spindle changes speed, there is a lot of impact sound in the gearbox, and the reciprocating plate needs to move the handle several times, the gear can enter the engagement state. After the preliminary analysis determines the fault category, it can Specifically proceed to troubleshoot.

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