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Gadgets galore at Ottawa Mini Maker Faire sneak peek

by:Tuowei     2019-09-03
A homemade Delft Punk helmet, laser-
Cutting jewelry, 3D printer, mini-powered flashing light
The controller is called the Arduino, The Lego model and the Google eye graffiti robot.
These are just a few things that are expected to be on display in Ottawa later this month.
Recently, about hundreds of people flocked to the trendy Shopify headquarters on York Street to sneak a peek --
\"Manufacturers\" and share in the first quarter of this yearit-His own spirit.
James Wagner and Ken Edwards of Maker Creative are excited to show a pair --and-
About their creation.
They designed a machine that turned beer and skittles into a coveted art.
He says it uses vacuum suction heads to pick up candy, turn them into masterpieces one by one, lift up the final product, a frame picture of a popular video game character, Mario.
Wagner said they knew they wanted to make art with something and they chose to eat, drink and play because they were attracted to the color because \"they are more candy than M & M or Smarties.
\"Their team wants to create their own store where people can buy or upload their own pictures and make their own custom art.
Jacob uain of \"La petite mascarade\" is dotted with a variety of art masks on a table.
He said that the idea of Halloween between him and his wife turned into threeyear project.
\"This is an art form that we all like to do together,\" he said . \".
Decorative masks are made of foam boards, which make them look like leather, but also make them light, he said.
They paint with acrylic and some trim and trim or decorate the feathers.
Thea Earl, business development manager at Shopify, said the event was \"a great way to create ideas through technology, art and crafts\", which encouraged people to use their hands.
Artengine is working with the Canadian Museum of Science and technology to host a large event to be held at the museum in August. 16 and 17.
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