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ge raises bid for 3d printing firm arcam

by:Tuowei     2019-09-02
October 27 (Reuters)-
GE raised its recommendation bid for Arcam on Thursday to raise the valuation of the Swedish 3D printer maker to £ 6.
2 billion crowns ($696 million)
One day after giving up plans to buy a German SLM solution.
GE increased from 300 crowns to 285 crowns per share. The U. S.
Industrial Group, one of Arcam\'s largest customers, also said it had lowered the minimum acceptance threshold in the offer to 75%.
The bid is about 61% premium relative to the closing price of the day before Arcam made its first bid on September 6.
GE says it controls a 46% stake in Arcam.
The company also said it would acquire a 75% stake in German 3D printer maker Concept Laser.
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