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Gears Of War 4 review – another COG in the machine

by:Tuowei     2019-09-10
One of the most iconic Xbox series has finally come to Microsoft\'s current console, but whether this action has entered top gearIt is only three years from the last war, however, somehow, it feels a lot longer than this.
The original version is the definition of the previous generation of games, not only the gameplay of the game, but also the visual effect and attitude.
Sequel and spin
Off did see a tail.
However, because it is not clear what else the series and its super macho characters can do, there is a lot of interest in it.
After playing this new game, we didn\'t think the problem was solved at all, just saying that maybe it doesn\'t need to change that much at all.
Although Microsoft has never committed anything in one way or another, we believe that we are not alone, assuming that this new game is at least a soft reboot of the series.
Because it\'s not only the first on Xbox One, it\'s also the first since Microsoft bought the franchise from the original developer Epic game-although the alliance did employ many ex-Epic staff.
But gears of the Fourth World War is really just a direct sequel.
25 years after the end of the last game, Earth began to recover.
Like planet Sera, there is no threat of locusts, but the apocalypse storm now known as the \"wind disaster\" is raging.
The tone of the game is basically the same as the Xbox 360 game, if not a little lighter.
Of course, no one is trying to get back to this series as a tenacious sci-
The fi version of the brother band.
But as Marcus Finney continues to guest, the focus of the story is a new trio: J. D. (
Marcus\'s son, Nathan Drake, who looks and sounds stronger), Del (
His friend), and Kait (
His girlfriend and the daughter of the local scavenger leader).
These simple descriptions are as profound as their descriptions, and although they are all cute enough, the text is thin.
The same is true of the story, which is equivalent to saving various kidnapping victims by shooting all the moving things.
Despite the name, the plot is surprisingly small and few people are involved and don\'t feel like you are fighting as part of a bigger war.
Again, we are a little surprised by this approach, but it does not adversely affect the game.
However, we do find out unfortunately how the first two or three hours of the story activity get you to do nothing but boring bots.
Gears of War are known for their sticky, dirty, evil inhabitants
Inspired monsters, we think robots are meant to deal with this situation.
But they really don\'t have much fighting fun, and once you\'re done with them, they\'ll be completely forgotten by the plot until the end.
However, everything else is as you wish and expect, as you (eventually)
Use gear\'s patented third-person combat system to repel a new monster.
All of this goes with the best graphics to date on Xbox One.
Especially if you have an Xbox One S and a compatible TV, you can take advantage of the HDR effect and the boost of 4 k resolution.
How many times have they been copied by other games, the cover of gear-
Control based has never been improved.
So all gears of the fourth war have to add a little nuance to the edges.
So drag your opponent out of cover so you can kill them with a new battle knife, which fits perfectly with the existing mechanics.
There are also new weapons, including the projectiles that launch an explosion drill to the ground and the projectiles that launch chainsaw blades around like a flying disc.
The mechanical gears of the fourth war sounded as good as ever, but it was disappointing to play the story alone.
It has no positive problems other than the robot at the beginning, but until the last two chapters, the setting and environment are rarely excessivethe-
Same or different from the previous highs of the series.
Like the campaign, lack of imagination and predictability.
This means that if you are only going to play the game yourself, you will have to deduct one or two points from our final score.
However, we suspect that many people will play this game like this, because the other thing about war is its cooperation. op.
Two modes of split screen and online
Joint player activity
The more common moments in the game are instantly lifted.
Five more-player Horde 3.
0 mode, other major effects of Gears of War on modern shooters.
The original tribal model promoted wave-
The idea is expanded based on survival multiplayer and the version here, which includes five corner classes and a 3D printer that you can use to create turrets, obstacles, etc.
Microsoft is also focusing on competitive multiplayer.
It was only an episode in the early game, but here they are actively promoting as a serious eSports competitor.
Of course, that doesn\'t mean you have to take it seriously to enjoy it, but more and more patterns and maps are welcome anyway.
However, it is difficult to feel the same way about collectible cards that can be purchased with micro-transactions, even if they are common in most online shooting games today.
While important in gears of the Fourth World War, they do not offer any gaming benefits.
The gears of the fourth war are not so much a restart as a recap of what happened before.
Try to keep everyone up with speed and prove that the original game and plot should continue.
In that sense, the game is successful, but it looks like it will be the gears of World War V before we see any real new things.
So now, real good must be done.
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