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General manager of tuowei model, the European National Army, visited the transportation channel 'talent driving'

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2017-09- 04 15: 09

The evening of December 22, 2016, mr. ou Guojun, general manager of tuowei model, was invited to visit the Traffic Frequency fm2017 of Shenzhen radio station. 2 'talent driving' column New Year program, share how the Shenzhen tuowei model is a perfect transformation from only doing traditional offline sales to only relying on online marketing.

at the beginning of the interview, Mr. ou explained the definition of the prototype-- Before there was no numerical control technology, these prototype models were made by manual methods such as car, milling and grinding, so they were called prototypes. Since the prototype is a sample to verify whether the design of the product is reasonable, there are places called'First Board'. By making a prototype model, the risk of direct mold opening can be greatly reduced, thus saving costs.

Mr. ou Guojun said that the tuowei model was established in 2002 and has a history of 15 years, since many noble people were encountered in the early days, the development of the extension model is still OK, without too much ups and downs. At the beginning, the performance of the extension model mainly came from offline, and the turnover rate was relatively high, so it did not change. By the time of 2012, the development of the extension model, which only depends on offline sales, encountered a bottleneck and it was difficult to break through again. At this time, a friend asked him to learn online marketing, so Mr. ou took part in the study with a skeptical attitude.

after studying the course, Mr. ou Guojun immediately set up a network marketing team and improved the company's website, make the website more high-end atmosphere, but also have marketing. In addition to this, the Tuowei model has been re-positioned, focusing only on medical device prototypes, auto parts prototypes, home appliances prototypes, and not doing anything like in the past. -- More importantly, Mr. Ou also established a perfect talent incentive system, which greatly improved the enthusiasm of employees.

Now the performance of the extension model mainly comes from the network, and the annual performance is growing steadily, successfully boarded the new four boards in 2016. In the next few years, the extension model will continue to increase advertising investment and strive to be the leader of the prototype industry.

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