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giant chinese 3d printer builds 10 houses in just 1 day (photos, video)

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
China\'s WinSun company used four 10-meter-wide systems and six.
6-meter high printer with multiple printers
Create a targeted spray of the house.
Cement and construction waste are used to build wallsby-
Xinhua News Agency reported.
\"In order to get the natural stone, we have to hire miners, dig the stone and cut it into pieces.
This has seriously damaged the environment, \"Ma Yi, the inventor of the printer, said.
Yihe, who has been designing a 3D printer for 12 years, believes his process is both eco-friendly and cost-effective --effective.
\"But with 3D printing, we recycle mine tailings into available materials.
We can print the building with any digital design the customer brings us.
Fast and cheap . \"
The use of this technology means that construction workers can avoid exposure to dangerous or dusty working environments, He he added.
So far, the quality inspection of the printed building has been carried out on a piece of paperby-
Because there are no building regulations, the houses printed in 3D are also not legislated under Chinese law.
Although the current batch of houses are independent
The company hopes its technology will eventually be used to make skyscrapers.
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