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global 3d printing market 2016: industry analysis, market size, share and growth 2020

by:Tuowei     2019-08-12
A new market research report, the World 3D Printing Market
2014-Opportunities and Forecasts
2020 \"to supplement the collection of its research report.
3D printing, also known as additional printing technology, allows manufacturers to develop objects using digital files and various printing materials.
Materials used in 3D printing include various types of polymers, metals, and ceramics.
3D printing provides a way to make the manufacturing of complex designs a reality.
The wide application of 3D printing and the potential prospect of 3D printing in different fields will drive the market growth.
The factors driving this market are the reduction of errors, high precision, the effective use of raw materials, the ability to customize products, the ability to print using a variety of materials at the same time, and the ability of traditional technologies.
On the contrary, the production cost of individual users is high, the 3D printing software is expensive, the lack of the help of channel partners, the lack of skilled labor is some of the key constraints of the global 3D printing market.
The global 3D printing market is in a gradual phase of its life cycle, worth $2,811.
It was $8 million in 2014 and is expected to reach $8,683.
Growth of 7 million by 2020 and compound growth of 21% in 20152020.
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The sample World 3D Printing Market is subdivided according to components, applications and geographical locations.
The components are further divided into technologies, materials and services.
Based on technology, the 3D printing market is divided into three-dimensional printing, selective laser sintering, electron beam melting, modeling of molten deposition, manufacturing of laminated objects, etc.
These techniques follow the additional manufacturing process in which the model is built by adding a continuous layer of material.
Among these technologies, stereo molding technology is expected to play the most prominent role, as it completely changes the speed and technology of designing and manufacturing objects, benefiting various industries.
According to the input material, the 3D printed material market is divided into polymer, metal and alloy, ceramic and other materials.
Polymer is the most widely used 3D printing material in the current scene.
The market for 3D printing services includes application development, installation and maintenance services.
3D printing is widely used in various industries such as consumer products, industrial products, aerospace, defense, automotive, healthcare, education and research.
Among these industries, the largest revenue-generating sector is expected to be consumer goods, followed by cars.
3D printing is widely used in the development of consumer goods such as toys, shoes, electronic products, bottles, containers, tableware, mobile phone cases, jewelry, ceramics, etc.
According to geographical location, the market is divided into North America, Asia-
Pacific, Europe and Malaysia (
Latin America, Middle East and Africa).
North America and Europe are the most prominent markets for 3D printing because they employ fast technology, continuous research and development in various industries, and a dominant economic position.
The main players introduced in the report include 3D system, Arcam AB, Autodesk, Inc.
Stratasys Co. , Ltd. , ExOne, etc.
These key market players focus mainly on technology development, the introduction of new products, and partnerships and cooperation to keep the market competitive.
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3D printing market: table-of-
Content catalogue of 3D printing market: Chapter 1 Introduction 1.
1 report description 1.
Key benefits 1.
3 Key deliverables 1.
4 Research Methods 1. 4.
1 Second Study 1. 4.
2 Primary Research 1. 4.
Chapter 3 analysis tools and models Chapter 2 Summary of execution
CXO Perspective 2.
Beyond the market: what will it look like by 2025. 2.
1 Basic case Scenario 2. 2.
2 optimistic growth scenario 2. 2.
Chapter 3 Overview of the market 3.
1 Market Definition and Scope 3.
Comparison between traditional printing technology and 3D printing technology
3 Pricing trend of 3D printing 3.
The latest development of 3D printing technology 3.
10 of the world\'s most popular 3D printers.
6 Geographical area analysis, according to the most popular printer 3.
7 key findings 3. 7.
The main factors affecting the 3D printing market. 7.
2 top investment pockets 3. 7.
Three winning strategies in the 3D printing market.
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