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gm to put 3d-printed parts in its cars

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
GM has announced it will begin production of 3D-
Print components to achieve the goal of expanding its existing lineup to 20 new models of electric and fuel cell vehicles over the next five years.
Working with design software company Autodesk, Gulf Region-
Detroit\'s partnership is another sign of 3D printing in the manufacturing sector.
Last year, Ford said it was the first automaker to test 3D printing technology.
While GM has used 3D printing for prototyping, it now claims that, it is the first car manufacturer to add parts to cars in about a year using Autodesk\'s generative design software technology, General Motors additive design and manufacturing director Kevin Quinn told Reuters.
As proof of concept, GM and Auodesk made a seat stand.
Not the sexiest part, but the bracket is 40% lighter and 20% stronger than the original one.
It turned out to be eight components, and 3D-
The print holder simply uses a comprehensive section.
In the long run, GM hopes that 3D printing will reduce costs and reduce material usage.
The company says it will focus first on high
End of racing application.
But within five years, after the expected technical improvements, the company hopes to produce thousands of parts.
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